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    Dermatology Procedures

    Aster Clinic is offering attractive discounts on Dermatology procedures. Find the nearest Aster Clinic or book an appointment today to avail this limited period offer.

    • Platelet Rich Plasma

      This procedure helps in reducing fine lines and wrinkles, reduces dark circles around the eyes, and gives a youthful appearance to the skin.

    • Thread Lifts

      An effective anti-ageing treatment, thread lifts help in tightening the skin so that it looks firm and rested.

    • Peeling Systems

      This procedure is greatly helpful in restoring sun damaged skin on the face, neck and hands. It also improves and rejuvenates the skin.

    • Botox

      Botox procedures reduce the wrinkles on the forehead, neck and around the mouth to give a youthful appearance to the skin.

    • Mesotherapy

      Instantly improve dull and tired looking skin and superficial wrinkles with this procedure. Mesotherapy is effective in treating hair fall, dark circles and sagging skin.

    • Skin Lasers

      Skin lasers minimize sun damage, acne scars and fine lines while also improving skin texture and skin tone.

    For more information on these procedures and the packages, call 04-4400500.