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Dr. Amutha Lakshmanachary

General Medicine

Dr. Amutha Lakshmanacharya is a General Practioner with specialist training in Family Medicine and Diabetology at Aster Clinic Al Muteena. Her key interest includes empowering patients with Diabetes Mellitus  to manage their disease through appropriate, client oriented lifestyle modification and medication.

Her interest in family medicine was generated after exposure to multiple specialties during the immediate post MBBS period. Practicing family medicine made her aware of the huge burden of disease related to diabetes and prompted the further study in the discipline. As a practitioner of Diabetology, she has learnt that patient empowerment through appropriate education and using guideline-based goal-directed therapy offers the best chance of controlling the disease and limiting its complications.



  • 1990: MBBS – Dr. M.G.R Medical University
  • 2004: Diploma in Family Medicine, Royal College of General Practitioners, UK
  • Diploma in Health Sciences (Diabetology) Raja Muthiah
  • 2008: Medical College,  Annamalai University
  • Masters in Health Sciences (Diabetology) Raja Muthiah Medical College,  Annamalai University


Professional Experience

  • Tutor Obstetrics and Gynecology , Annamalai University Medical College
  • Family Medicine -Government Health Service , Kerala, India
  • Lecturer in family Medicine-UEIMS, Kerala, India
  • May 2005 – Present: General Practitioner, Aster DM Healthcare.


Special Interest

  • Diabetes Mellitus


Languages Spoken

  •  English
  • Tamil
  • Hindi
  • Malayalam


Detailed Profile

The growing epidemic of Diabetes that threatens to undo the gains in longevity and morbidity reduction served as a stimulus for Dr. Amutha to branch out from family Medicine into the field of diabetes management. A sound foundation in family Medicine helped her understand chronic disease management principles which involved both the patient and their families. Empowering patients to make appropriate lifestyle choices, educating them and their families about disease self-management and using guidelines-directed medical therapy to reduce macro and microvascular and organ damage are among the key interests in her practice.  Her other interests include music, painting, books and taekwondo in which she holds a brown belt.


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