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Dr. Donna Genevieve C. Pangan

General Medicine

Specialist General Medicine with a good academic, clinical background and clinical experience in Pediatrics and General Practice, graduated from the highly reputed University of Sto. Tomas in Philippines, where she trained and worked in various clinics and hospitals including Makati Medical Center, St Luke’s Medical Center, The Medical City and Dr Jesus Delgado Memorial Hospital all with a full fledged neonatal & pediatric ICU unit and was involved in training of medical graduates and post graduate students. After that she worked in Dubai and Abu Dhabi clinics and hospitals as a GP, Pediatrician for 6 years

Prior to joining Aster she had worked as a resident physician in a rehabilitation hospital in Abu Dhabi and clinic in Manila for almost 2 years.

Work Experience

• Resident Physician (Pediatrics/Adult): Specialized Rehabilitation Hospital, Abu Dhabi, UAE (Jan 2021 to July 2022)

• COVID 19 Response Physician, Vaccine trial Staff Physician: SKMC, ADNEC; Abu Dhabi, UAE (May to Dec 2020)

• Staff Physician: Ahalia Hospital, Abu Dhabi (Nov 2019 to April 2020)

• Staff Physician: IBN Nafees Medical Center, Abu Dhabi (April to Aug 2019)

• Resident Physician (Pediatrics/Adult): LLH Hospital, Burjeel Clinic, Abu Dhabi (Aug 2018 to Jan 2019)

• Staff Physician (Pediatrics/Adult), Medical Director: MyHealth Medical Center, Dubai (May 2016 to May 2018)

• School Physician (Pediatrics/Adult) : Learning Land Nursery, Dubai (May 2014 to April 2016)

• Staff Physician (Pediatrics/Adult) : Zulekha Medical Center, Dubai (April 2014 to April 2016)

Education and Training

• Diplomate of Philippine Pediatric Society DPPS (2014, 2022)

Institution: Department of Pediatrics: Dr Jesus Delgado Memorial Hospital and St Luke’s Medical Center, Philippines (January 2008 – July 2012)

• Doctor of Medicine MD, MBBS (2007)

Institution: University of Sto Tomas, Philippines (2001-2005)

• Bachelor of Science in Medical Technlogy BSMT

Institution: University of Sto Tomas, Philippines (1997-2001)

Research papers/publications

Dengue Shock Syndrome Among Pediatric Patients in Jesus Delgado Memorial Hospital (Dec 2013)

Poster Presentation for 3rd Global Congress for Consensus in Pediatrics: Thailand (Feb 2014) and 7th World Congress on Pediatric Intensive Care: Turkey (May 2014)

Speciality Areas/Interests

• Infectious diseases

• Respiratory diseases

• Critical care

• Neonatology

• Vaccination

• Nutritional growth and development

Languages Spoken

• Engiish

• Filipino

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