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Dr. Mukesh Kumar Ramani


Dr. Mukesh is working as a Specialist ENT Surgeon at Aster Clinic (Aster Jubilee Medical Complex), Burdubai. Dr. Mukesh Kumar Ramani has completed MBBS from Thanjavur Medical College, Tamilnadu, India; MS (ENT) from B. J. Medical College, Ahmedabad, India and DNB from National Board of Examinations, New Delhi, India. He has around 5 years of experience in India. He joined DM Healthcare in May 2012.



  • MBBS from Thanjavur Medical College, Tamilnadu, India
  • MS (ENT) from B. J. Medical College, Ahmedabad, India
  • DNB from National Board of Examinations, New Delhi, India
  • FEBORL (European Board)
  • FACS (USA)
  • Membership Of National Academy Of Medical Sciences
  • Membership Of International Medical Sciences Academy
  • MRCS and DOHNS from the Royal College of Surgeons, England


Professional Experience

  • 5 years of experience in India


Special Interests

  • Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery
  • Pediatric Tonsillo-Adenoidectomy
  • Microscopic Ear Surgery


Research Articles

International Publications:¬

  • R Vishwakarma, T Joseph Shawn, Mukesh Kumar Ramani, Cochlear implant and delayed facial palsy( Original Review). Cochlear Implant International ( Official journal of the British Cochlear Implant Group)
  • http://www3.interscience.wiley.com/journal/121675267/abstract
  • R Vishwakarma, More Yogesh , Mukesh Kumar Ramani. Incudostapedial joint arthroplasty using temporalis fascia/perichondrium ties (How I do it); American Journal of Otolaryngology(ISI impact factor 0.599)
  • http://www.sciencedirect.com/science
  • Attended International Conference “ASIA-OCENIA OTOLARYNGOLOGY CONGRESS MEET” at Auckland, New-Zeland, in which I presented the paper titled “Endoscopic repair of Choanal Atresia – A Noval Approach for Developing Countries”.

National Level Publications:

  • Isha Tyagi, Mukesh Kumar Ramani, Kranti Bhavana, “ Repairing CSF Rhinorrhoea of Frontal Sinus Origin – Our Experience”, Indian Journal of Otorhinolaryngology and Head and Neck Surgery (Accepted for publication)
  • Isha Tyagi, Mukesh Kumar Ramani, Kranti Bhavana, “Laryngo Tracheal Reconstruction Using Iliac Crest Graft: An Institutional Experience” Indian Journal of Otorhinolaryngology and Head and Neck Surgery (Accepted for publication)

State Level Publications:

  • Vikas Sinha, Mukesh Kumar Ramani ,Raghav Mehta, “Epidemiological Study of Chronic Tonsillitis ” – Gujarat Journal of Otorhinolaryngology and Head and Neck Surgery


Languages Spoken

  • English
  • Hindi
  • Malayalam
  • Tamil
  • Gujarati


Timings / Contact

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I am a Diabetic person and regularly visiting at ASTER Jubilee Centre Bur Dubai since 2017, to see Dr Mukesh Kumar Ramani ENT specialist /Internal Medicine- for my health check-up with regards to cold /cough and or periodically to clean my ears with regards to WAX which is being a age old issue as well as diabetics conditions

My first visit was way back in 2017, and on my first meeting I felt that I am meeting my family doctor as he was calm and cool and collected and very carefully listen to sickness issue

Since my first visit and subsequent visit till date he always inquiry about my current status of Diabetics conditions and latest result of all Blood Sugar related LAB reports (which is being carry out at Aster Bur Dubai Jubilee Centre – and says not worry and continue to follow the instructions from concern doctor – it show how concern he is about wellbeing of patient

Beginning of this year around 19 January 2021, I had slightly cold and cough and went to see Dr Mukesh Kumar , after initial checks and analysis he says that you have chest congestion /infection.

Being a professional doctor , he would have known there is something more of it – (serious illness ) as I can see from his facial expression/body language and as always calm and cool he says that I suspect you may have hit with COVID -19 and accordingly we need to the treatment . He has conducted COVID 19 test and next day result was positive.

As all of knows that whenever we heard /read about COVID 19 the first thought comes to our mind is that in 1Q 2020 , onset of deadly virus around the world and in particularly Spain /Italy and other European countries there were many human causalities, subsequently spread to other part of the world .

In view of the above I also felt bit shaken and in addition I am diabetics aged person and seeing this, with his calm facial expression and as normally doctors would do , to break bad news (health conditions ) with his kind voice says that do not worry we shall overcome this and with medicine and other precautions you will be come out with this COVID 19- Virus.

He also give me his mobile number and says I am available 24/7, all days and any assistance /guidance /and health become unpleasant you may contact me.

I used to update him through his whattsapp mobile number on daily basis at regular interval during intraday with basic parameter – I.E. body temperature /Oxygen level and general health conditions.

He immediately response with appropriate comments and in case of he is busy with his work he send message saying “ I am busy shall call you later “ and as soon as free from his busy work schedule he immediately calls to me , asking about wellbeing of my health conditions as well as answer to my queries .

Within 6 to 7 days my health show improvement and gradually by end of January 2021, I was recovered from deadly COVIDE -19 Virus.

I would like convey my warm appreciation to Mr Mukesh Kumar Ramani for taking care of me and provided full support 24/7 during my sickness period and thereafter as well .

Thank you Dr Mukesh for all your kind words and supports

He is highly professional in his work ethic /experienced / good understanding of patient’s concerns and accordingly he communicate with them in a simple wording /language and above all he is kind & soft spoken good human being

I would like to wish him success in his professional and person life.

I have recommended to my relatives and friends who has ENT and or Internal Medicine related issues to visit Aster Bur Dubai, to see Dr MUKESH KUMAR RAMANI for treatment.