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Dr. Sadath Salim

General Medicine

Dr. Sadath Salim completed his MBBS from government medical college Thiruvananthapuram. He is a general practitioner. He is an expert in the field of infectious diseases, diabetes, and other lifestyle diseases of the present era. Dr. Sadath has been recommended by many for his skills in minor surgical procedures as well as ingrown toenail, drainage of abscesses, suturing of wounds, diabetic feet, neuropathy, etc. Dr. Sadath started his lustrous career under the Kerala government in India as a general physician in a family health center in the Wayanad district. He then proceeded to work under the central government of India as well in CSIR. His gulf experience has spanned 10 years starting as a general physician in Saudi Arabia and subsequently moving to Abu Dhabi. Due to his vast experience in many countries, he is well versed in Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam, and English and can also communicate in basic Arabic.


Work experience

  • Medical officer, community health center Meenangadi, Wayanad, Kerala
  • General practitioner, ZamZam medical center, Al Hasa, KSA
  • Medical officer ,CSIR NIIST ,Trivandrum
  • General Practitioner, Apollo medical center, Abu Dhabi


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