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Dr. Abul Kalam Kolangara Parambath

General Medicine

Dr. Abul Kalam is working with us as a Specialist in General Medicine at Aster Clinic, Abu Hail, Dubai. He did his MBBS from Calicut Medical College, Kerala, India. He passed DCH from Royal College of Physician and Surgeon. He has over 25 years of experience in India and the Middle East.




  • 1989: MBBS, Calicut Medical College, Kerala, India
  • 2002: DCH, Royal College of Physician and Surgeon, Glasgow (U.K)



Professional Experience

  • Medical officer, Accident, and Emergency, Ibra Hospital
  • Medical officer, Accident and Emergency, Khoula Hospital, Muscat, Oman
  • Senior Medical officer, Department of Paediatrics, Khoula Hospital, Muscat, Oman



Special Interests

  • Paediatrics
  • General Medicine



Languages Spoken

  • English
  • Hindi
  • Malayalam
  • Arabic



Detailed Profile

Dr. Abul Kalam had done his MBBS from Calicut Medical College in 1989 and DCH from Royal College of Physician and Surgeon Glasgow, the UK in 2002.
He worked as a medical officer in National Hospital Calicut and later in Sultan Qaboos Hospital, Salalah, Oman. After which he has worked as a Medical Officer in Accident and Emergency in Ibra hospital.
He also worked as a Senior Medical Officer in Paediatrics, Khoula hospital, Muscat, Oman. He joined Aster DM Healthcare in July 2015.



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