The flagship Clinic of the group with an excellent track record and several specialties Aster Clinic (Al Rafa Poly Clinic and Indian Specialist Medical Centre) has earned the reputation of providing comprehensive healthcare services at affordable costs. With a dedicated team of internationally trained and experienced specialists aided by modern diagnostic equipment, the clinic helps ensure prompt diagnosis and dependable treatment.

We represent a complete family clinic with all specialty services under a single roof. Starting 2013, coinciding with the silver jubilee of the parent company Aster DM Healthcare, the two clinics have been merged into one as came to be known as the Aster Jubilee Medical Complex.













You have always been an exquisite creation. A work of art…which is why you need to take extra care in this fast paced world. We at Aster Aesthetic Clinic play the role of custodians of this beautiful You. We are here to make sure that this eternal glow of yours never fades away. That there is no hindrance to this radiance you carry. We are your companions in this path of self-discovery.