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I landed on Dr Usha Sethi in Aster Tecom by chance during my pregnancy as my then Gynac was not available and it was an emergency. Extremely thankful that it happened as unlike my previous Dr, she would listen to my concerns seriously and not dismiss them, give me correct advise after doing all necessary checks, and was cautious and thorough, which gave me relief that I was in right hands. I was also delighted to know she would also be available to deliver my baby. I was blessed with a baby girl 1 month ago and could not have asked for a better OBGYN for the same.


Good Day....

I have been a regular visitor at Aster Clinic, Discovery Gardens and a very pleased with their services but recently had the opportunity to visit Aster Speciality Clinic at Discovery Gardens. There, we were very pleased to meet Dr. Benazir Ansari.
My wife, Greesha was diagnosed with cataract on both her eyes. With the right eye being more severe. Initially with consultation with our family members, we planned to get the operation done back home in Kerala, India. Then we decided otherwise and had the operation done here.
We are really very thankful to Dr. Benazir and her nursing staff for successfully conducting both the operations at Aster Day Surgery Centre at Mankhool. Besides that, she very clearly explained to us the exact procedure and precautions be taken especially post-operation. She's also very cheerful and friendly.
We are indeed very pleased to have met Dr. Benazir, who have brought back the vision on both the eyes. Thank you again...
I will be very pleased to recommend Dr. Benazir Ansari, to all my friends suffering from eye problems and also Aster Clinic. Keep up the good work ASTER.

Sreenivasan Saji

Sreenivasan Saji


I am Diabetic person and regularly visiting at ASTER Jubilee Center Bur Dubai since 2016, to see endocrinologist Dr Maneesha Pandey and Dietitian Dr Lubna Haji in order to manage my day to day Blood Sugar along with Diet Plan , for my medication based on Blood Sugar Report –Lipid Profile and other related reports.

Prior to 2016 I used to take high dose of insulin, three times a day and other diabetic medicines as per medicine prescribed by Doctors at another clinic and there was no improvement in my blood sugar level

So I decided to search in Google name of the clinics - doctors who are specialized in Endocrinology and I found out name of the Dr Maneesha Pandey on Aster website.

I had contacted Aster call Center and took the first available appointment with Dr Maneesha Pandey and when I met first time with my previous reports and diabetic conditions, the first impression I had is that although I met first time, but it felt, that I am meeting one of my family members, she was calm and warm and she said not to worried and we shall improve now onward and follow the strict medication /daily physical fitness exercise

Dr Maneesha being from Northern part of India as such ,she has good command on Hindi Language and for me it was easy to communicate with in same language as well as English language which help me to understand all medical terms while analyzing the my periodical various blood sugar related reports .

She has asked me to see Dietitian Dr Lubna Haji who will guide me about my daily food consumption /and or restrictions on certain type of foods /fruits/Liquid etc…. in order to manage by blood sugar level

When I met first time Dr Lubna Haji, along with my wife, I had same feeling -meeting one of my family members/she was very much focused on my diabetic conditions, my food habits and daily routine work load at professional and personal level, to enable her to have suitable my daily diet meals plan.

After meeting for half hour, my wife has instantly developed good family sisterly friendly relationship, which continue till today.

I am from Gujarat state India and being native language of Gujarati and Dr Lubna also speak Gujarati language , it was very easy to communicate with our concerns /and or any query with diet plan as well as various Blood Sugar related reports in addition to Hindi & English Language .

Dr Lubna said not to worry, diabetic conditions are manageable and with strict diet plan & exercise patient can improve blood sugar lever as well as other related parameters associated with diabetic conditions

Since then meeting both of them , wherein both of them has taken utmost care/ has good understanding and ready to listen patient view point carefully , and I felt that I am with my family doctors/family members who cares about patient and they are very keen to see that diabetic conditions of patient improve /manage drastically and does not get worse during the course of medications and same time both of them motivating to me stating that diabetics is manageable if patient can take all care and be discipline in all aspect of life and all the time encouraged me to manage diabetic conditions –YOU CAN DO IT - ( positive attitude )

Also during course of medication both of them have advised me that in case of need and or daily blood sugar level variation low or high and what type of food I need to have on daily basis and or any changes may requires , you may contact them vide E Mail and or phone call- whattsup message.

Based my daily feedback, they advised me course correction of medication and or diet plan. whenever needed .

Currently my daily insulin dose has been drastically reduced and other diabetic tablets off from my earlier prescription due to specific diet plan as well as daily monitoring of blood Sugar readings , communicating with Dr Maneesha Pandey as well as Dr Lubna Haji

I would like to convey my warm appreciations to Dr Maneesha Pandey and Dr Lubna Haji, both of them are good human being, loving yet so helpful and caring like family members and very talented /has vast experienced/ expertise in their respective profession and doing professional job .

I wished had I met earlier prior to 2016, my diabetic condition would have been better.

Also I would like to appreciate their support staff –Sisters nurse Ms. Bincy & Daisee who are also caring, does very good professional job.

I have recommended to my relatives and friends who has diabetic conditions to visit Aster Bur Dubai, to see Dr Maneesha Pandey and Dr Lubna Haji for treatment

I wish both of them success in their professional /personal life and GOLD BLESS THEM.

Thank you very much for kind support & care

00971 50 3556 244

I love Aster clinic in Arabian Ranches 2. I am a very loyal patient, the staff there is super friendly, i took my kids to do blood test they were very professional and super attentive to kids. Our doctor is dr Fatemeh Aghanasiri, she is very capable and supportive. I highly recommend the clinic and especially that the location of the clinic is super convenient for the communities around it.


Dear Sirs,

On behalf of AXA Gulf, we would want to extend our thank you for making our client Bab Al Shams “Wellness program” event of November a success. Your generous partnership and involvement helped make our common vision move a step forward towards key enablers of healthcare strategy.

As we continue our path in creating risk awareness and prevention, we look forward to our next partnership and in watching Wellbeing programs and initiatives grow towards continuous success.


Healthcare Partnership Team
AXA Insurance Gulf

Axa Gulf Insurance

I would like to take this opportunity to appreciate the efforts of all Aster Al Quoz team, and specially Dr. Natesh from Al Quoz Aster Clinic, who has been instrumental always at the time when needed most. I will give you two instances, where he has greatly helped.

First, when I came from US, I had a throat infection, infact Paritonsillar Abscess which because of his efforts, and medicine, got cured in less than 5 days. Next case was also similar and he already cured, before it could go worst.

Once, I needed some very small advice on referred medicine, while travelling and amazingly Dr. Natesh helped me through phone call. He is an amazing doctor, with a great human being attitude of always helping the patient than just giving medicines.

I have moved to the Netherlands, and still feel that we should have Aster Clinic and doctors like Dr. Natesh all around the globe. It will be great to see similar good doctors leading your clinic in future.

Advaita Sharma

I am a Diabetic person and regularly visiting at ASTER Jubilee Centre Bur Dubai since 2017, to see Dr Mukesh Kumar Ramani ENT specialist /Internal Medicine- for my health check-up with regards to cold /cough and or periodically to clean my ears with regards to WAX which is being a age old issue as well as diabetics conditions

My first visit was way back in 2017, and on my first meeting I felt that I am meeting my family doctor as he was calm and cool and collected and very carefully listen to sickness issue

Since my first visit and subsequent visit till date he always inquiry about my current status of Diabetics conditions and latest result of all Blood Sugar related LAB reports (which is being carry out at Aster Bur Dubai Jubilee Centre – and says not worry and continue to follow the instructions from concern doctor – it show how concern he is about wellbeing of patient

Beginning of this year around 19 January 2021, I had slightly cold and cough and went to see Dr Mukesh Kumar , after initial checks and analysis he says that you have chest congestion /infection.

Being a professional doctor , he would have known there is something more of it – (serious illness ) as I can see from his facial expression/body language and as always calm and cool he says that I suspect you may have hit with COVID -19 and accordingly we need to the treatment . He has conducted COVID 19 test and next day result was positive.

As all of knows that whenever we heard /read about COVID 19 the first thought comes to our mind is that in 1Q 2020 , onset of deadly virus around the world and in particularly Spain /Italy and other European countries there were many human causalities, subsequently spread to other part of the world .

In view of the above I also felt bit shaken and in addition I am diabetics aged person and seeing this, with his calm facial expression and as normally doctors would do , to break bad news (health conditions ) with his kind voice says that do not worry we shall overcome this and with medicine and other precautions you will be come out with this COVID 19- Virus.

He also give me his mobile number and says I am available 24/7, all days and any assistance /guidance /and health become unpleasant you may contact me.

I used to update him through his whattsapp mobile number on daily basis at regular interval during intraday with basic parameter – I.E. body temperature /Oxygen level and general health conditions.

He immediately response with appropriate comments and in case of he is busy with his work he send message saying “ I am busy shall call you later “ and as soon as free from his busy work schedule he immediately calls to me , asking about wellbeing of my health conditions as well as answer to my queries .

Within 6 to 7 days my health show improvement and gradually by end of January 2021, I was recovered from deadly COVIDE -19 Virus.

I would like convey my warm appreciation to Mr Mukesh Kumar Ramani for taking care of me and provided full support 24/7 during my sickness period and thereafter as well .

Thank you Dr Mukesh for all your kind words and supports

He is highly professional in his work ethic /experienced / good understanding of patient’s concerns and accordingly he communicate with them in a simple wording /language and above all he is kind & soft spoken good human being

I would like to wish him success in his professional and person life.

I have recommended to my relatives and friends who has ENT and or Internal Medicine related issues to visit Aster Bur Dubai, to see Dr MUKESH KUMAR RAMANI for treatment.


I have been visiting Aster Discovery Gardens Clinic for nearly 2 years and am very satisfied by the diagnosis and treatment given by Dr. Fatima Nazir for various ailments. The ailments for which i had visited were cured by treatment given in first visit and i never had to visit again for the same problem. Dr. Fatima's approach toward patients is very positive and encouraging. Also her ability to calmly but professionly handle numerous patients with same dedication is to be appreciated.
I would also want to thank the entire Aster team at DG who due to their efficient and dedicated work are able to give satisfactory service inspite of the huge rush at the clinic. Aster Clinic has all lab, scanning and other testing facilities inhouse and the reports are promptly conveyed to patients which makes it very convenient for doctors and patients alike.
Would recommend Aster Clinic at DG and Dr. Fatima Nazir for General medical issues. Thank you Aster team DG.

Anil Rao

It gives me a great pleasure to write a testimonial about Dr. Shahid Rashid Zor not only because he is a highly competitive, learned, experienced and a talented dentist but also because he is a wonderful human being.

He has an aura of assuredness to his personality accumulated through years of vigorous training and practice in his field of Dentistry that has a great calming and soothing effect on his patients. Especially, patients like me who are petrified of Dentists and their drilling tools but have no recourse other than to see one.

Lately, I have been having some issues with my gums and teeth. I had a nagging pain every time I would eat regardless from which side and I knew a visit to a dentist was long due but I was also reluctant to do so as I was not ready for the prognosis. Let me explain.

I was afraid of a procedure that might have become a necessity and yet was costly enough to be covered by my insurance or by my pocket. Therefore, it seemed like a good idea to be ignorant (not knowing the real cause) rather than being reckless (knowing the cause but still not getting it fixed). When in reality I was guilty of committing both.

But I am glad that I stopped being ignorant and reckless and decided to take a leap of faith and actually go see a dentist. The next daunting step was to decide which dentist among the long list provided by Aster Clinics. This is a problem I have never faced back home as there is always a recommendation available but I am fairly new in Dubai.

Choosing Dr. Shahid Rashid Zor was pure instinct. An instinct that I have developed over the years while being very close to medical professionals as I come from a family of doctors. I have seen them working from close quarters and have always been fascinated by the miracles they perform on their patients. This has also enabled me to come to this conclusion that while they are all very hard working, talented and responsible individuals with strong work ethics, few stand out as having a certain knack and passion for their field. They are not shy of stepping out of the box and thus have the ever so slight edge upon their peers/colleagues. These are the ones destined for greatness provided they don’t get lost in the money making race. I have found Dr. Shahid Rashid Zor to be one of those gifted few.

He was patient and attentive enough to listen to my side of the story and all the ensuing counter questions; was thorough enough in explaining what was going about with my teeth and how best it could be fixed but most importantly he was deft and precise enough with his whirring instruments and skillful hands to get the job done the way he had explained it to me. Needless to say that he did an impeccable job on my teeth while keeping it well within my budget.

I sincerely hope that this testimonial may help those in the same plight as I was in before making a decision to see a Dentist or anyone looking for a good and awesome dentist.

Muhammad Ali


My name is Bahadur Khan and I am a frequent client of Aster Clinic. I am writing this letter in order to express my appreciation for the wonderfull job you are doing and my hope that your services will stay the same long time from now on. I also appreciate your warm customer services. I am especially grateful for the way I am treated by Janish Mathew Aster clinic near grand mall.

I would like to recommend your clinic to anyone who needs a medical problem in future.

Keep up the good work.

Bahadur Khan

I was suffering from severe tonsilitis and high grade fever, I have seen couple of doctor in aster hospital before I met Dr.Gurukanth .he gave me a nice treatment and confidence. He started a very good Antibiotic as injection for 5 days, after some doses of this particular medicine I feel much better. Now I finished my antibiotic course and am perfectly ok, am very thankful for Dr. Gurukanth for gave me such a magical treatment where rest of all other Antibiotics was Resistance for me. God bless you, Doctor.

Jijo K.K.

I was thinking while waiting for like 3-4 hrs to see ENT and Opthalmology Doctors on the same day, why do I have to wait this long? But after seeing both Doctors and finished everything I was really satisfied. I realized waiting this long hour is worth it because their Doctors realy take care of us and listen attentively to our concern and they want to give us the accurate answers and treat us well. Doctors are really excellent. Nurses who are assisting are very professional and cse staffs are very fast and multi tasking. I just wanna grab opportunity to thank this clinic. Keep up the good work.

Maricel Guino-o

Seen ENT Dr. Mukesh . he is very excellent doctor and he understand the problem very well and get treated on the same day is a plus point. overall very satisfied and the receptions staffs are very friendly and helpful.

Marli Nusri

I have always had a great experience whenever I had been to Aster Clinic Al Quoz. The service provided by the staffs and the nurses are excellent, docs are very much knowledgeable and kind enough to comfort us in getting us back to our perfect healthy lifestyle. Dr. Nagesh was really great and gave me all the advice and treatment which helped me to recover fast, also thanks to Mr. Shiju / Mr. Gaurav and Sister Anjali who were of great help in accommodating and took special care of me all the time and it was awesome meeting them.....thanks a lot aster and keep up the awesome job.

Krishna Chandran (Kichu)
UAE Cricket Team

Krishna Chandran (Kichu)

I just wanted to show how satisfied I became after being checked by Dr. Carmen Chiran (ENT Doctor in Tecom Clinic)
She was very professional and friendly at the same time which is a mix that is hard to be found, i was complaining of a congested throat and nose, but she still wanted to take a look at my ears,

and guess what!

she managed to extract 3 years old cotton ball that was stuck in my ear, which i been complaining of,

but the other doctors who checked me before confirmed it's not there and my ear is just normal.

I work in a call center and my ears are so important to me, and I used to believe that I partly lost my hearing since it was hard for me to hear with my right ear, but now I am having 2 fully functioning ears,

thanks Dr. Carmen

I really appreciate your professionalism

Amr Mostafa Fahmy

Dr. Dheeraj Kewlani


I am Diabetic patient and have been visiting Aster regularly Jubilee Center Bur Dubai since 2017 to see Ophthalmology for my needed eye check-up which is required at regular interval of 9 to 12 months

I had contacted Aster Call centre for an appointment and call centre agent gave me an appointment in First week of Feb 21.

On scheduled appointment date I went to see Dr Dheeraj Kewlani and he greeted me very warmly and I felt at ease with him sharing my apprehensions and concerns about my health condition.

To me he says do not worry we shall take care of my eyesight with medication and appropriate care /discipline by myself in terms maintaining my diabetics conditions and related issue at medically acceptable level . He also said to me that any given time any issue related to my Eyes, please contact me as soon as possible.

He said that I shall start procedural approval process and sent to my medical insurance provider for them to approve for left eye Cataract Surgery

At this point of time I had lots of query with regards to how would surgery being carry out /my diabetics related conditions /am I allow to consume food/medicines etc… prior to Surgery, however to my extreme surprise he very politely said that you just come as normally you go out for your personal/professional work.

I felt that I am in good care of doctor and had comfort feeling.

Once approval receive from my medical insurance provider he has immediately contacted me and said that all approval received and ready for surgery.

On 09/03/2021 Tuesday, he called me saying that I fixed surgery date on Saturday 13th of March 2021 and reach Aster Day Surgery Centre (ADSC) at Mankhool –Bur Dubai
(Near Aster Hospital) at 9.00 AM.

On 13/03/2021 , I reached ADSC at 9.00 AM and after as per Medical standard Operating procedure – my health parameters being checked - such as BP/Blood Sugar Level/Oxygen level/ my past medical history .

On the operation date, in the room seeing my body language /facial expression he realized I am feeling bit tense and immediately said do not worry , procedure very simple and shall take only takes 20-25 minutes .

He has conducted my left eye surgery with utmost care and highly quality of professionalism /well focused and once surgery over, I did not felt any discomfort on my eye and surrounding area of my face.

While I being discharged, he asked to see him at late evening at clinic – Bur Dubai where normally he works. I went to see him and he checked my Eye and gave ALL OK and says you can start your normal work and resume/join the office from next day.

I would like convey my warm appreciation to Dr Dheeraj Kewlani for taking care of me and provided full support with kind Human touch.

He is highly professional in his work ethic /experienced / good understanding of patient’s concerns and accordingly he communicate with them in a simple wording /language and above all he is kind & soft spoken good human being

I wish him all success in his professional & personal life.

I would like to take opportunity to thanks to Nurses – sister at ADSC Ms Homey, Ms Priyanka and Ms Arulmozhi who has taken care of me and provided me relax environment during my stay at ADSC.

I have recommended to my relatives and friends who has Eyes related issues to visit Aster Bur Dubai and to see Dr Dheeraj Kewlani for treatment.


Dear aster
I got some rash on skin because of this summer period, then I planned to go to the aster clinic to take medicine, finally it’s become memorable experience for me. Because of an Amazing clinic with impeccable service and I had everything what I wanted ...
The services and facilities were great in aster clinic in al Khalil mall.!!! I got warm welcome from the front office staff after that I met doctor Beena in Room number 23. She immediately understood that I am suffering from the sun rash. Doctor beena,she give me all the treatments which I needed. Then I had little chat with Mrs Preenu, she is so kind and helpful for the patients. And always she speak by my name and also I saw she is so capable to assist all the other patients with kindness because of her I can finish all my works within 20 minutes. Thank you miss Preenu for your support. Hope to see you again if I have any illness. Thank you so much aster clinic for all your good works and handling with care.
Thank you!!!

Best regards


The general physician at Aster Clinic, Karama near Karama Park - Dr Babu Daniel is the best & Most trustworthy doctor in town. He perfectly knows how to treat an ailment, he'll write the most suitable medicines and advise the best treatment plan to treat you well. I never go to any other doctor no matter how far I am from the clinic.

Bhawana Preetish

Dear Basir Sajjad,

First of all, thank you for your patience and kindness that you showed me during my visit to the clinic.
I had a lot of trouble with my back and weakness generally in the whole body, after visiting several other doctors I finally thought that this will remain with me for life. But I had a good luck of meeting you by chance when I visited your facility.
In the next few visits, I could clearly see that change and my strength grew back. I cannot thank you enough that I am now able to lead my normal life. I will continue to remain in touch with you and aster Thank you, Dr. Basir,

Best Regards

Priyanka Jospeph

I was very fortunate to find a doctor who understands and treats patients with easy and give clear and user-friendly instruction. I had trouble with my stomach, more often it would cause me much pain and agony. After only first few visits I could clearly see a reduction in pain and ability to avoid certain habits which resulted in better conditions for my health. I cannot thank you enough for this. I will continue to visit you and also have recommended you name to my close relatives and associates.

Best Regards


Dear Team,
I often visit Aster Al Nahda 1 for Dental Treatments for my family.
I want my testimonial to be put on the website as I can confidently say that the team of Dr. Nisha Velayudhan and Sister Sreeranjini is the best I have ever met when it comes to expert compassionate treatment.
They take exceptional care of all patients and I have noticed the details they go through to make you comfortable in the process of getting treated.

My daughter had been visiting other dental doctors in UAE but since the time she met Dr. Nisha and experienced her way of treatment and her love for her work she refuses to
go anywhere else and it has been same with anyone I have recommended to visit them and for anyone who has experienced their excellent services.

She is really caring and will be always remember the procedures on the previous visit and will be prompt to follow up on any issues requiring attention, her expertise in her field and her caring ways
along with Sister Sreeranjini is really a treat to watch and experience. Sister Sreeranjini treats all kids with so much love and makes them feels so comfortable.
I do not have words enough to express my thanks for taking care of our family dental issues in such a nice cheerful way, always.

Highly recommended to all who need treatment with compassion and lot of smiles.
Thanks a lot Dr.Nisha.

Faisal Aziz

I have been seeing Dr. Stuti Mishra since my first pregnancy, for almost 3 years. She is friendly, welcoming and always concerned for the patient. I felt well cared for every visit to her. I would highly recommend Dr. Stuti Mishra to anyone!


I would like to pass my sincere thanks to the Aster Community. I visited for the first time and your services are professional and excellent. The services are also affordable to the common man. I would kindly ask the management to open branches in Africa, starting with Kenya. We really need these services and it is my hope you will make arrangements and save the many lives that are helpless.

James Maina

I am GT Kumar from India. I am in mechanical engineer. That day I am in suffer heavy heart pain, I don't know about my pain. Finally, I entered aster Al Nahda doctor (God). And sister ( I don't know her name) saving my life many many thanks to the aster team

GT Kumar

I’m writing to express my gratitude for the service provided by Dr. Basir Bhat at the Aster Clinic at Business Bay.
In all my years of medical attention in Dubai, or anywhere for that matter, Dr. Basir Bhat stands out. Since working first at the JW Marriott in Deira back in 1995, I’ve had to poor experiences. Usually, a doctor comes to my hotel, spends 10 minutes, charges 500 AED and leaves. At the Canadian Hospital, after waiting three hours, I was seen by non-English speaking nurse and doctor, robotically treated and released.
On my most recent visit while working with the new Downtown Renaissance, I had a very different experience—thanks to Dr. Bhat. The concierge set up an appointment to check out a cut on my left leg. Dr. Bhat treated and reassured me that the wound was inflamed, not infected. I was impressed with his expertise, and as importantly, his empathic manner. He even invited me to call if I had further concerns.
A few days later, suffering with stomach cramps and diarrhea. I called Dr. Bhat and he had me come to the clinic immediately. He ordered a rehydration IV drip and advised a special diet. He also gave me his schedule and told me to call with updates on my progress.
A day or two later, after more stomach cramps and diarrhea, he had me return. Dr. Bhat ordered another IV drip, and several medications to ease my stomach. His treatment enabled me to keep working, and most importantly, feel less anxious knowing that advice, or a follow up visit, were just a phone call away.
On November 24th, the night of my departure he fit me in one last time. His kind and steady hand sent me on my way with total confidence that I would be comfortable and stress free on my journey home.
It’s rare to meet someone in medical field, or for that matter, in any profession with Dr. Bhat’s special brand of knowledge, compassion, emotional intelligence and insightful eye—what I like to call hospitality DNA.
I’ve been fortunate to have worked with some of the service greats: Disney, Marriott, Ritz Carlton, Four Seasons and the iconic 7-star Burj Al Arab. And, I’ll never forget a quote from a former Nordstrom CEO that great service is “unexpected, unnecessary and undeserved.” And, in my view, Dr Bhat serves in that spirit.
You’re fortunate to have the doctor’s expertise and empathic manner. In my future trips to Dubai, I feel comforted knowing that I’ll hopefully have Dr. Bhat as my connection to good health and well-being.
With gratitude,

Bob Brown
President Bob Brown Service Solutions

Bob Brown

Dear Sir
I would like to share the excellent experience I had at your Orthopedic Clinic at Al Qusais,Dubai.
I was treated by Dr.Kirti Mohan who is one of the best in his field and what makes him different is his ever smiling personality ,his deep knowledge and confidence combined with his ability to make the issues look simple and putting the patients at ease,he even treated my wife last year with the same expertise and finesse for a fractured ankle.
Not to forget the Physiotherapy team which worked wonders on my shoulders ,I was really impressed by the expertise and dedication of Esther who was very caring and made me do the difficult sessions with ease which led to my better than expected recovery.
I had visited other hospitals also for the same issue but this was the best experience with good results.
They really went by the Logo “We’ll treat you well”
Well done team and my thanks once again.

Faisal Aziz

Dear Chief Operating Officer,
This message is quite long and I hope you have the time to go through the complete message. Let me share an episode that took place over the last 2-3 days.

On Sat 19th May I had an appointment with Dr. Issac Mammen at the Aster Speciality Clinic Discovery Gardens, Dubai. He prescribed certain pathology tests to be done and Sister Shima (Who is attached to Dr. Issac ) gave me the prescription and informed that I need to be fasting for a certain period for the tests. The Reception Staff informed me that with my insurance card, I have coinsurance I will have to pay AED 50.00 at the time of giving the samples. She made a remark on the prescription also.

On 21st May 2018, I reported to the Lab located at the Zen building no 9, DG Clinic and showed the prescription at the reception who allotted me a token no for the lab and asked me to go to the lab directly. I presented the prescription to the lab staff and he took the samples, I remembered that I had not paid and enquired if I could get the prescription to make the payment. He instructed me to make the payment at the reception and no paper was required.

I went back to the reception and told them that I have to make payment for AED 50.00 and I was told that there is no payment and that I can leave. On 21st May at about 1030 hrs, I received a call from Sister Shima saying that I had not paid and hence the lab would not process the samples.

What i am unable to understand is why would a patient, with a history of visits and consultation at the clinic , who had physically gone through the pain of fasting and given the samples and neary 4 syringes blood was drawn for the various test, not pay before getting the reports. I was firm in telling sister Shima that Aster cannot penalize the patient for Aster staff not accepting the payment.

Here sister Shima realized the situation and with a magnanimous heart paid AED 50.00 on my behalf since "Aster System" needed proof of payment.

Here I appreciate sister Shima who rose above Aster Clinic and sincerely thank her for her gesture.

As I promised her that I will make the payment in the evening, I did so at 1725 hrs and then again there was no receipt given, and that was the time I realized that Sister had paid on my behalf.

The learning from this episode is that CLINICs need to be more humane in their "systems" and your reception staff especially at Zen building 9 needs to improve their interactions with patients. Yes I do agree that there is always a huge rush there but then you are in the service industry and one has to rise above normal people when dealing with patients.

The other learning is that in spite of all patents and interactions, Aster Clinic has nursing staff like sister Shima, who easily understands and can demonstrate empathy with their patients. Kudos to Sister Shima once again and thanks to you for going through the feedback.

Well I am sure you will take the necessary steps for improvement.

Kind regards,

Mahendra S. Gupte

Mahendra S. Gupte

I visited Aster Clinic in Al Khail Mall last Friday afternoon, and I would like to share my gratitude and respect to all the professional staff I encountered.
I experienced severe elbow pain and saw Dr. Sakram Amgoth.  He was professional and congenial.  I then had an x-ray, blood test, pain killer injection.  All the staff I dealt with were sincere and skilled. 
In particular, sister Anjali checked on me frequently, assured that the blood test and the x-ray were done, and that the prescription was handed to me.
I truly appreciate the medical care service that I received.

Emad Wadie

My greatest appreciation goes to my Dr firstly.She is an amazing woman,calm and loving yet so helpful and caring. I had a wonderful pregnancy journey with her and she never made me panic.Up until the last day she delivered my child on 30Sep.May God bless you Dr Sarla Dodani.Secondly, I am at a loss of words to describe the kind of care that I received from the staff at Aster hospital mankhool. Everybody is just awesome and so gentle.I had never imagined such love that I received, from the security guys, the maternity ward staff, theatre staff, nursery staff.The ones I remember by name, Sr Priya Mathew, Sr Linda, Sr Leena and generally everyone that I encountered during my stay.I don't remember each one by name but I know you all and may you all be blessed in your jobs and lives.Keep up the spirit of love.

Anotida P. Mavengere

I Am writing this to say thanks to a wonderful lady, dr.anushree sarwasti who works as a gynaecologist in aster clinic dfza alqusais. She is very kind, professional, caring and a concerned doctor .

Bushra Maryam

Good service and very accommodating from the Receptionists, Nurses up to the Doctors-professional and hospitable. They ensure that the patient are in a good hands and well-taken care of. Kudos to the team

Carmela Angeles

I am very thankful for the excellent care I received from Dr Anushree Saraswati while I was pregnant. She was caring and concerned, friendly while maintaining professional and efficient standards of service. Thank you doctor.

Ammu Ajith

Well I have been to several Aster clinics but this one is bigger and spacious with free parking for Aster visitors. To be honest i found them always professional and cooperative. To the people who are always complaining should see the work pressure they are handling into and also services and cleanliness which is here much better than our home countries.
DR. SRINIVASAN RAVINDRANATH specialist cardiology was very gentle and helpful during all the procedures and advices. Wish him all the best and may God bless him.
Well done Aster team, keep it up !

Asim Mahmood

Just thought I'll put in a note to say that I'm very happy with Dr Libey Mariam George Joy, I've visited doctor at Aster Dubai Marina and was glad to know shes here now at Aster Tecom.

A doctor who puts you at ease while checking and enquiring well about one's condition. The best part she's spot on to diagnose and follows up well. Thanks Dr Libey!

Jennifer Gregory

Hello, I have visited aster clinic two times and I feel it's very organised, a bit rushy but efficient and friendly. Gynaecologist is great and I would certainly advice her. Dr Hashim is a great doctor who is not only concerned about treatment but also primary care of chronic diseases like diabetes. I would prefer him for any long term problem because he explains very well and remains strict with the patient just for their benefit. Loved Aster.

Asma Ali

I have been seeing Dr Prakash Pania from Bur Dubai clinic since long. He is a very good doctor and very helpfull.


The nursing room was little smaller, make the procedures little more faster, Dr. Niya was excellent and all other service was very nice


I'm very much satisfied with the consultation of Dr. Stuti


Dr. Stuti was very nice. I'm so happy with her consultation


Dr. Naveen was very good and I'm satisfied with the service


Dr. Niya is a very excellent doctor. Thank You for treating us very fast.


Dr. George was really good and I'm very comfortable with him.


Dr. George and Dr. Liny are really excellent. Liked the services.


It was my first visit at Silicon Oasis clinic and I'm comfortable with the service. Everything was perfect.


For my kids I will always consult Dr. Nilay. He is a very nice doctor


I have been there yesterday. There was one lady Joyce Anna in Counter 1 / First Floor /  Aster Jubilee clinic . She is very good in what she is doing. Very quick and pro active in getting things done.

Soumya Salvin

I am very happy and impressed by your Nursing staff and Doctor during my visit to eye specialist at bur Dubai. Weldon and keep it up.

Zulfiqar Ali

it was great experienced with this clinic Dr,Kirti Mohan is the best around Dubai & would like to suggest any clients suffering from orthopedic issue please do visit Dr Mohan he will be your best solution . Thank you to Dr Kriti Mohan.

Chandra Thapa

I am writing this for one of the best experience I had with your ENT, Dr. Ranjith Venkatachalam. I consulted him for throat and nose related issue. With very simple medication, he cured my disease permanently. Before meeting Dr. Ranjith, I had met many doctors to cure my disease and had loads of anti0biotics. But all of them were of no use. Dr. Ranjith gave me very simple medicines and my disease was cured in a week. And the best part is that it never came back.
I request Aster to employ more doctors like him. Dr. Ranjith literally serves the motto of Aster - "We will treat you well". God bless him. He is ethically serving his duties.

Thanks Dr. Ranjith.

Prince Prakash Nair

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