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Corporate Wellness

The Importance Of Healthy Employees

It is a well-known fact that employees are the most important assets for any organization. Healthy employees create thriving companies. They contribute to increased productivity and profits.

However, studies show that preventable illness constitutes almost 80% of the illness burden at a workplace and 90% of health care costs. Employers who understand and appreciate this provide environments which are conducive to employee wellness that ultimately result in corporate wellness.

At Aster, we have, for long, focused on keeping your employees fit and healthy, with a range of comprehensive customized wellness packages and lifestyle modification programs designed specifically for the corporate world.

Aster – Your One Stop Healthcare Provider

  • Widespread network – 45 clinics located in UAE at every turn of your life.
  • Complete primary health care under one roof which includes specialist consultations, diagnostics, preventive health checks, dental procedures, vaccinations and caters to the primary health care needs of every family.
  • Skilled nursing and technical staffs -700+ support staff giving you hope and a helping hand.
  • Qualified Doctors with proven track record – 400+ Doctorsspecializing in keeping you healthy.
  • Cutting-edge medical technologies, accurate and precise reporting.

We Believe  In The Age Ole Adage:  ‘Prevention Is Better Than Cure’

One in every five people in the UAE is diabetic. One out of four deaths is due to cardiovascular problems. Heart attacks strike 20 years earlier in UAE as compared to the global trend.

These numbers are because of ignorance amongst individuals about their health status and not because of non-availability of health care solutions.

At Aster, we believe that executive health check ups for your employees not only has a positive effect on the employees’ health but also contributes to a company’s overall objectives and achievements. According to American Journal of Health Promotion, every employee has at least one risk factor that costs the company AED 1,277 every year. On the other hand, according to Vielife, every 7.3 dirhams invested in Corporate Wellness Programs gives the company a return of 27.2 dirhams annually.

So, this adds as another reason to partner with us to ensure that all your employees stay fit and healthy at all times.

We Will Treat Your Employees Well

At Aster, you can be rest assured that your employees can look forward to quality care and service at every stage. We begin by profiling them, evaluating their occupational, physical and mental conditions and recommending solutions provided by our expert panel of doctors.

Our solutions include various lifestyle modification programs and suggestive preventive health check packages based on the analysis of your employees to ensure that your organization becomes a healthier place to work.

Our health checks are tailored to suit different age groups, held at convenient locations thanks to our wide network of hospitals and clinics.

Health Tips
Take breaks and get out in the sun and fresh air.

Make sure to get your daily dose of vitamin D by getting outdoors every day. Even on your busiest days, it’s important to take a few minutes to step away and regroup.