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Dr.Deepti Bandekar

Dermatology / Cosmetology

MBBS, Msc Clinical Dermatology

Dr. Deepti Bandekar is a GP Dermatologist with aesthetic privilege, she has a special interest and expertise in Cosmetic Dermatology and has proven track record of providing comprehensive and superior quality client oriented aesthetic services since 2009 as well as diagnosing and treating dermatological disorders since 2012.

She is highly skilled in performing most of the common aesthetic procedures including Platlet Rich Plasma(Hair and Face),Chemical Peels for Acne and pigmentation,Dermapen for scars,Electrocautery /Plasma arc excision of Skin tags or Warts and injectables like Botox and Fillers for aging ,enhancing contours and hyperhidrosis.She is adept in skin tightening procedures through Radiofrequency as well as injection lipolysis for stubborn fat areas.

Dr.Deepti is highly efficient in providing comprehensive management of Acne, Melasma, Scars,Pigmentation, Antiaging and Rejuvenation techniques based on International Standards and has a track record of treating skin conditions like Eczema,Psoriasis, different types of allergies,Urticaria, Dermatitis,Vitiligo and skin infections like Impetigo,Herpes,Candida, Tinea and scabies succesfully.

Dr. Deepti is highly proficient and dedicated , committed to excellence, with exceptional communication skills. Having worked with an international and expat community clientele profile in her previous position, Dr. Deepti demonstrates a pleasant and approachable demeanour, exhibits considerable cultural sensitivity, and professionalism. She believes in delivering superior quality of skin and aesthetic care services of international standards, providing the required knowledge about the procedures and suiting the demands of the clients, to establish sustained and trustable relationships with her clients and their families.


  • Resident Doctor, March08-May08 Ramakrishna Hospital, Bangalore, India
  • Resident Doctor, March09-Oct09 Gorgeous Ski n Care Clinic, Mumbai, India .
  • Assistant Trainer, Oct09-Jan2010 Kaya Research and Development, H. O . Mumbai , India .
  • July2010-Aug 2011, Gorgeous Ski n Care Clinic , Mumbai , India . 
  • Junior Consultant Dermatologist, April2013-July 2013 D r. Dhepes Skin City
  • Junior Specialist Dermatologist, Aug 2013-Jan 2016 YAS Medical Centre, Oman .
  • Cosmetic Dermatologist, Feb 201-May2017 Bodycraft Skin Clinic , Maleshwaram , Bangalore
  • Consultant Dermatologist, Nov 2017-Nov 2018 Nubello Aesthetic Clinic 
  • GP Dermatologist, April 2021 – December 2023  Cady Royal Clinic , Dibba Fujairah , U.A.E.


  • M.B.B.S  – Justice K.S. Hegde Med i ca l  Academy, Mangalore, Indi a .
  •  Internship   September 20 0 0 – Apri l 20 0 5  B. J. Medical College, Pun e Maharahtra, Ind i a . 
  • Dept t . o f  Dermatology , 
  • Cardiff University, Wales , UK . 26 September 20 1 1- 7th September 2012


  • Clinical Review Essay for DCD : On Aesthetic procedures(Chemical peels, Microdermabrasion and Lasers)
  • Thesis for MSc Clinical Dermatology :
    On Aesthetic procedures(Chemical peels, Microdermabrasion and Lasers)
    BLS Re-Certification- March 2023




  • Lead the project on “Affect of Psychoactive Substances on Health and created awareness against the adverse effects”.(Internship) 
  • Cleared primary DNB exam in June 2007 
  • Certificate of Workshop on Phototherapy at Royal Gwent Hospital Newport,April 2012 UK 
  • Attended Workshops at Cardiff University Dermatology Department UK : 
  • Psoriasis Workshop in November 2011. 
  • Eczema Workshop November 2011. 
  • Actively participated in Practical Dermatology surgery teaching session held at WIMAT Medicentre Cardiff 
  • University in January 2012. 
  • Botox Workshop February 2012. 
  • Dermoscopy Workshop February 2012. 
  • Contact Dermatitis Workshop at St. Woolos Hospital Newport Cardiff UK in February 2012. 
  • Laser Workshop March 2012. 
  • Vasculitis Workshop March 2012. 
  • Genitourinary medicine Workshop March 2012. 
  • Chemical Peel Workshop April 2012. 
  • Attended Academic afternoons at All Nations centre Cardiff in March, April and May 2012. 
  • Attended SWEWDS meeting at All Nations Centre in March 2012. 
  • Attended a 2 days Continuing Professional Development society meeting at Holland Hotel Cardiff in November 


  • Certificate course in Aesthetic Medicine (Lasers, Botox and Fillers from Institute of Laser and Aesthetic Medicine 

(ILAMED) 26 th November 2012 to 7 th December 2012, New Delhi. (Affiliated to the University of Greifswald 


  • Other activities 
  • Actively participated in Arthritis foundation of India awareness Program in Mumbai 2011. 
  • Attended ICAM and Dubai-Derma Conference 2014,2015. 
  • Presented as a Speaker in Dubai Derma Conference April 2016 AND 2019
  • Presented a Poster in MEIDAM conference. 2021

ILACAD  Master course Botox,Fillers,Thread Lift 20-1-2024


  • Procedures : Chemical Peels ,PRP Face and Hair
  • Injectables – Botox ,Fillers.,Injection Lipolysis.ILS for Patchy hair loss,Mesotherapy.
  • Weight Loss and contouring procedures: Non-invasive lipolysis, skin tightening procedures with Non surgical face lift and Radio frequency. NdYAG thermage, Titan,
  • Scar reduction procedures – ,Fraxel, NDYag,  Endymed.
  • Minor surgical procedures: Milia/sebaceous cyst removal, use of electro cautery,Plaxpot/Hyfrecator for skin tag removal, cryotherapy for warts, derma roller,dermapen.


  • English – Proficient
  • Kannada- Proficient
  • Hindi- Proficient
  • Arabic- Manageable
  • Malyalam- Beginer level

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