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Dr. Divya Kamat

Dermatology / Cosmetology

Dr. Divya Kamat completed her training at Jipmer, Pondicherry., following which she gained experience in the field from experts at PGI Jipmer, Chandigarh. She later worked in aesthetic clinics in New Delhi to gain experience

Work experience

Jan 2018-Jan 2021- Post-Graduate Institute Of Medical Sciences, Chandigarh


Education and training

Mbbs – Karnataka Institute Of Medical Sciences, Hubli

Md Dermatology – Jipmer, Puducherry Karnataka


Iadvl- Indian Assoc Of Dermatology, Venereology, Leprology.


Awards and recognitions

Iadvl Gold Medal – Puducherry Branch

Research Papers/Publications

1. Malathi M, Kamat D, Prabhakaran N, Thappa D Pseudoverrucous Papules and Nodules in an Infant with Penoscrotal Hypospadiasis. Indian Dermatology Online Journal. Nov-Dec(8) 503 2017

2. Behera B, Malathi M, Prabhakaran N, Divya K, Thappa Dm, Srinivas Bh Dermoscopy of Langerhans Cell Histiocytosis. Journal of the American Academy Of Dermatology · Feb 76(2) · S79-S81 2017

3. Kamat D, Dutta P, Kumaran Ms. Identify The Triad European Journal of Internal Medicine January ( 59) E7–E8 2019

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5. Kamat D, Keshavamurthy V. Current Best Evidence in Pigmentary Dermatology. Pigment Int 5 125-9 2018

6. Kamat D, Prabhakaran N, Malathi M. Follicular Vitiligo: A Rare Presentation Of Vitiligo. Indian J Dermatol Venereol Leprol 85(4) 414-5 2019

7. Kamat D, Vinay K. Dermatoscopy Of Nonvenereal Genital Dermatoses: A Brief Review Indian J Sex Transm Dis Jan-June 40 13-9 2019

8. Kamat D, Mahajan R. Hot Topics In Paediatric Dermatology Indian J Paediatr Dermatol October- December (20) 315-9 2019

9. Manjunath S, Kamat D, Kumaran Ms. Koebnerizationand Lichen Planus Pigmentosus: Is It A Reality? Pigment Int Jul-December (6) 115-6. 2019

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12. Vinay K, Kamat D, Chatterjee D, Narang T, Dogra S. Dermatoscopy In Leprosy And Its Correlation With Clinical Spectrum And Histopathology: A Prospective Observational Study J Eur Acad Dermatol Venereol. Oct;33(10 1947-1951 2019

13. Bishnoi, Anuradha; Kamat, Divya; Narang, Tarun A Case Of Foot Drop And Linear Erythematous Plaques · Infectious Disease In Clinical Practice · September 27 (5) 303-304 2019

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16. Kamat D, Narang T, Ahuja M, Lavania M, Dogra S. Case Report: Multidrug-Resistant Mycobacterium Leprae In A Case Of Smear-Negative Relapse. Am J Trop Med Hyg. Apr; 102(4) 724-727 2020

17. Kamat D, Madakshira Mg, Dogra S. Disfiguring Periocular Yellow Nodules In A Normolipemic Patient. Indian J Ophthalmol Jul 68 1643-4 2020

18. Tarun Narang, Divya Kamat, Sunil Dogra, Bhushan Kumar Comments In Response To Report On ‘Late Reversal Reaction With Resistant Mycobacterium Leprae: An Emerging Paradigm’ Tropical Doctor 0(0) 1-2

Book chapters

1. Narang, Tarun, Kamat, Divya Psoriatic Erythroderma · Dermatological Emergencies · · 1st Edn, Ebook Isbn 9781351165044 Chapter 14 2019

2. Narang, Tarun, Kamat, Divya Type 2 Reaction Treatment Of Type 2 Reaction · Jopling Handbook of Leprosy · 6th Edition · E-Book Isbn-13: 978-9389688115 Cbs Publisher Distributor Pvt Ltd 2020

3. Sunil Dogra, Divya Kamat. Psoriasis–Topical Therapy. · Textbook Of Psoriasis & Psoriatic Arthritis. · Evangel Publications 2019

4. Sunil Dogra, Divya Kamat. · Psoriasis–Systemic Therapy. · Textbook Of Psoriasis & Psoriatic Arthritis. · Evangel Publications

Speciality Areas/Interests:

General Dermatology -Psoriasis Acne, Pediatric Dermatology, Pigmentary Dermatology -Vitiligo, Melasma, Dermato Surgery -Electrosurgery, Intralesional Injections, Excisions, Cosmetology-Chemical Peels, Botulinum Toxin, Fillers, Prp Therapy



English, Hindi, Marathi, Kannada, Tamil, Konkani

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