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Dr. Elizabeth Mary Thomas

Internal Medicine

Internal medicine specialist with years of experience in outpatient management research and medical education. 

Dr. Elizabeth brings with her a vast experience from both government and corporate sectors. She has a special interest in rheumatology, infectious diseases, nephrology, and lifestyle diseases like diabetes and hypertension. Patient welfare is her topmost priority and she has a keen interest in academics.

Work Experience

She has provided patient centric care at high volume academic institution. 

Amrita Institute of Medical Science: 2017-2021 Worked in Internal Medicine department managing OP, IP, ICU, research and Medical education. 

Education and Training

MD (Internal Medicine) – 2014-2017 

MBBS : 2006-2013 

Speciality Areas/Interests

  • Clinical Work and Procedures
  • Communicating the treatment plan to patients and their families
  • Well versed in ER procedures and hospital code protocols
  • Proficient in handling complex medical equipment and operating contemporary patient data software

Languages Spoken

English and Malayalam

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