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Dr. Femina Mundekudy Aliyar

General Medicine

She worked as Intern doctor in Sree Narayana Institute of Medical Science , Kerala on 2009 Batch , She also worked in Rajagiri Hospital (NABH , JCI accredited super speciality hospital ). On April 2019 she moved to UAE and worked in Live Care Clinic , Dubai . She also have experience in emergency medicine doctor in Ahalia Hospital , Mussafa

Work experience

December 2016-January 2018: worked in Rajagiri Hospital
January 2018-Aug2018 : Government Mdical College Manjari
April 2019- March 2021 : Live Care Clinic, Dubai
June 2021 – December 2021 : Worked as emergency medicine in Ahalia Hospital , Mussafah

Education and Training

MBBS – Sree Narayana Insitute of Medical Science , Chalakka , Kerala , India


Participated in WORLD COPD day Quiz 2012
ACLS &BLS provider ,AHA certified

Course and Training

Training programme for Rational Management of Animal Bite

Speciality Areas/Interests

Minor Surgical Procedures ( Suturing , Incision and Drainage of Abscess , Nail Excision , Catheterisation
Chronic Disease follow up :Hypertension , Diabetics, Dyslipidemia , Thyroid disorder
Respiratory disease

Language Spoken

Malayalam , English , Hindi , Tamil

Timings / Contact

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