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Dr Jojo Joseph is an experienced paediatrician with 7 years of private practice, adept at managing newborn and paediatric patients on both outpatient and inpatient bases. His areas of special interest include paediatric allergies, growth and nutrition, and paediatric infections.

Dr Jojo’s extensive experience shows his dedication to paediatric care and he ensures that his patients receive comprehensive and specialised attention.

Work experience

  • 1 year senior residency at Bhabha Hospital, Bandra Mumbai
  • 3 years as Assistant Professor in Department of Paediatrics at Govt Medical College, Alleppey, Kerala
  • 3.5 years as Consultant Paediatrician at Valiyath Institute of Medical Sciences a Multi-speciality Hospital in Kollam, Kerala

Education and Training

  • MBBS from Govt Medical College, Kozhikode
  • MD from Govt Medical College, Nagpur


  • IAP (Indian Academy of Paediatrics)

Specialty Areas

  • Paediatric Infections
  • Paediatric Allergies
  • Paediatric Asthma
  • Paediatric Endocrinology
  • Paediatric Growth, Nutrition and Development

Languages Spoken

  • English
  • Malayalam
  • Hindi
  • Marathi

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