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Dr. Khushboo Singh


Dr. Khushboo Singh is a patient-oriented Specialist Prosthodontist and has 3.5 years of work experience in renowned hospitals & clinics in India. With her comprehensive expertise in all aspects of fixed, removable / implant prosthetics and digital smile designing, she has a history of treating complex cases, simple extractions, and other minor routine dental procedures. She is a proficient dentist educating and treating patients with empathy.

Education and Qualifications

MDS in Prosthodontics and Crown & Bridge: Manipal Academy of Higher Education, MCODS, Manipal, Karnataka, India (2015-2018).

BDS: M. R. Ambedkar Dental College & Hospital, Bengaluru, India (2008-2013)

Work Experience

1-As a Consultant Prosthodontist in OraMax Dental, Maxillofacial and Facial Rejuvenation

Clinic, Mumbai, India (July 2022 – Oct 2022)

2-As a Consultant Prosthodontist in RELIANCE Hospital (Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani

Hospital), Navi Mumbai, India (Oct 2021 – Oct 2022).

3-As a Specialist Prosthodontist in Elegant Smile Orthodontics Dental Clinic & Smile

Designing Centre, (July 2022 – September 2022) Maharashtra, India.

4- As a Specialist Prosthodontist in Dr Chetan Dedhia’s Dental Care & Implant Centre,

Mumbai, India (March 2019 – April 2022).


1-Member of Dental Council of India.

2-Member of Indian Prosthodontics Society


1-Thesis:- The Effect of Enzymatic Denture cleanser on the physical properties of

different types of Denture base resin materials. Indian Journal of Public Health

Research and Development, 10(9), 271-277.

2-Case report:- Prosthetic lip with retentive attachment for a unilateral cleft patient: A clinical report. Contemp Clin Dent. 2019 Jul-Sep; 10(3): 577–581.

Dental Licensure

1-DHA Licensed Specialist Prosthodontist: (2023-Present).

2-Karnataka State Dental Council of India: (2013-Present).

Training/Courses and Certifications

1-Presented Review Poster on “The role of Botox in dentistry in 4th KPS conference, Dharwad, March 2016.”

2-Presented Clinical Paper on “Maxillary Lip Prosthesis – Maximizing The Esthetics: A

Case Report” in 44th IPS, Conference, Mumbai, December 2016.

3-Certificate of Advanced Root Canal Treatment specialist course, Endo Master, Mumbai,

May 2022.

4-Certificate of Participation- Latest Trends in Digital Dentistry, Mumbai, June 2022.

5-Certificate of Participation and Course completion as a Smile Designer- Smile Design

& Digital Treatment Simulation by Dr. Deepil Mehta, Mumbai, July 2022.

6-Workshop Certificate on prosthetic module of basic implantology, conducted by Dr.

Amit Chablani, KP’ S Dental Academy with Patient HANDS ON, Mumbai, September 2022.

7- Certificate of Course Completion on Basic Oral Surgery with Disimpaction techniques

– OraMax Dental, Maxillofacial & Facial Rejuvenation Clinic by Dr. Khushal Gangwani, Mumbai September 2022.

Professional experties ans skills

1-Removable partial/complete prosthesis- Dentures, Overdentures (Tooth/Implant supported), Relining & Rebasing.

2-Fixed partial/complete prosthesis- Post & Core, Crowns & Bridges, Implant Prosthesis, Full Mouth Rehabilitations.

3-Aesthetic Dentistry- Veneers, Smile, designing, Digital Dentistry.

4-Maxillofacial Prosthesis- Obturators, Mandibular guide flange prosthesis, Surgical templates.

5-Routine dentistry- Root canal procedures (Rotary), Simple teeth extractions, Scaling and polishing.

6-Patient Management- Excellent Communication, Patient Care and Education.



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