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Dr. Neena Ann Roy

General Medicine

Dr. Neena is a General Practitioner with a good academic, clinical background and clinical experience in all basic specialties, graduated from Sree Gokulam Medical College & Research Foundation, Thiruvananthapuram,Kerala,India. Adept at managing medical and surgical cases with utmost precision.


Graduated MBBS degree from kannur medical college kerala in the year 2019

Work Experience

  • Sep 2020 to march 2021 government general hospital kozhikode kerala
  • March 2021 to oct 2021 government women and children hospital & family halth centre kozhikoe kerala
  • July 220 to jan 2022 & aug 2022 to may 2023 nawah neighbourhood clinic kozhikode kerala
  • Feb 2022 to july 2022 hayath cardiology hospital thrissur kerala

Speciality Araes/Interests

Special interest in pediatric care and well being

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