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Dr. Nimish Tyagi


Dr Nimish Tyagi is a Specialist Endodontist at Aster Medical Centre, Al Qusais 1. He is a highly skilled Endodontist providing personalized care tailored to his patient’s unique dental needs. He has experience in diverse dental procedures for over 7 years and he is fluent in English and Hindi.

Education and Training

Dr Nimish Tyagi completed his BDS Followed by MDS in Endodontics from Kothiwal Dental College and Research Centre, Uttar Pradesh, India. He has clinical experience  working in government hospital and private clinics in India.

Presented Paper/Poster

  • Biomimetic Remineralization: The Future of Resin dentin Bond. Presented at 28th IACDE and 21stIES National Conference, Hyderabad 2013. (POSTER)
  • The shear bond strength of MTA with three different types of adhesive systems: An in vitro study.” Presented at 15th IACDE and IES National Convention 2014, Chennai. (POSTER)
  • The shear bond strength of MTA with three different types of adhesive systems: An in vitro study.”
    Presented at 29th IACDE and 22nd IES National Conference, Jaipur 2014. (PAPER)

Specialty Areas And Skills

  • Root Canal Treatment
  • Endodontic Re-Treatment
  • Endodontic Traumatology
  • Apexification & Apexogenesis
  • Crown Preparations
  • Post & Core
  • Endodontic Surgery
  • Paediatric Endodontics
  • Oral Prophylaxis
  • Extractions
  • Restorative Dentistry
  • Bleaching of Teeth
  • Fluoride Treatment
  • Excellent Patient Interaction
  • Good Clinical Supervision

Conferences Attended

  • 28th IACDE & 21st IES National Conference-2013, Hyderabad held from 14th November – 17th November 2013.
  • 15th IACDE- IES PG Convention held from 5th -8th June 2014 at SRM Dental College and hospital, SRM University, Chennai.
  • 29th IACDE & 22nd IES National Conference-2014, Jaipur held from 4th December – 7th December 2014.
  •  30th National Conference of Indian Endodontic Society, New Delhi held from 14th October – 16th October 2022.

Languages Spoken

  • English
  • Hindi.

Timings / Contact

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Aster Clinic, Al Qusais (Damascus St.)

Ground Floor, Shop no. A 10 & 11, Al Fattan Building, Damascus Street, Al Qusais

Opposite to Nehal Complex

Tel: +971 44 400 500

Fax: +971 425 751 51

E-mail: qusais@asterclinics.com

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