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Dr Priyanka Porwal

Internal Medicine

Dr. Priyanka Porwal is aN INTERNAL MEDICINE SPECIALIST with 6 years of experience in the field of Internal  medicine. She completed her MBBS from D.Y Patil University, Mumbai, India and MD (Internal Medicine) from SAIMS, Indore, India. Her professional history includes working in Internal Medicine Dept. at SAIMS Indore, Christian Missionary Hospital and D.M.C Indore where she has worked as a consultant in OPD, In-Patient Ward, ER & ICU.

Dr. Priyanka is a highly motivated ,progress-focused ,ethicaly bond and empathetic specialist with a track record of her publications in various medical journals like Scholars Journal of Applied Medical Sciences (SJAMS), Indian Journal of Basic and Applied Medical Research, etc. She has attended many international medical conferences as delegate and done teaching webinars as speaker for medical students, Doctors and Nursing staff.  She has also attended CMEs on tackling Covid-19 as organized by Association of Physicians of India.

She has also attended CMEs on tackling Covid-19 as organized by Association of Physicians of India. She has presented various posters and papers and procured best paper award for the same. She has done basic cardiac life support course and has participated in various social service works, awareness camps, rural camps, vaccine campaigns and blood donation camps.

Dr. Priyanka speaks English and Hindi and also has working knowledge of Arabic.

Work experience

  • SAIMS Indore
  • Christian Missionary Hospital
  • D.M.C Indore

Education and Training

Dr priyanka completed her MBBS from D.Y Patil University, Mumbai, India and MD (Internal Medicine) from SAIMS, Indore, India.


  • Indian Medical Association (IMA)
  • Association Of Physicians Of India (API)


Multiple certificate and accolades in paper presentation and publications

Research papers/publications

Research :

  • Submitted thesis on “STUDY OF DYSLIPIDEMIA IN YOUNG ASYMPTOMATIC ADULTS AGED 20-40 YEARS” under the guidance of Dr. R.K. JHA, Sri Aurobindo Medical College & PG Institute, Indore, M.P., India



  •  Priyanka Pandey, R.K.Jha, Ashwin Porwal “study of dyslipidemia in young asymptomatic adults aged 20-40 years” in scholars journal of applied medical sciences (SJAMS) 2018
  •  Singhai A, Pandey Priyanka, Porwal Ashwin, Jha RK. Vitamin D deficiency as a risk factor for metabolic syndrome in hypertensive subjects. IJBAMR, June 2017: Vol-6, Issue-3, P. 310-315


  • Procured the best paper award at 26th HSICON national annual conference of hypertension society of India – august 2017 KOLKATA on the topic “Mean Platelet Volume As A Indicator Of Severity Of Hypertensive Retinopathy In Hypertensive Subjects “
  • A poster on “Congestive Heart Failure With Hypotension A Misdiagnosis”, presented at the 24th national annual conference of hypertension society of India (HSICON) 2015 INDORE
  • Researched and presented a paper on “Hypertension And Its Complications” at the 14th national conference CDEE and CCCCON 2016
  • Presented a poster at 15th international conference of cardiology, diabetology, electro-cardiology, echocardiography (CDEE ) 2017 BHOPAL, on the topic “The Relationship Between Uric Acid And Hypertension In Adults “

Speciality Areas/Interests

Dr. Priyanka Porwal area of expertise covers a wide range of medicine and system like respiratory diseases including COPD, asthma, chronic cough, acute bronchitis, cough variant asthma, upper and lower respiratory tract infections; metabolic syndromes like hyperlipidaemia, hyperuricemia, gout, nash, obesity and fatty liver; diabetes mellitus with diabetic complications like diabetic nephropathy, diabetic foot and diabetic neuropathy; infectious diseases like dengue fever, typhoid fever, malaria, cellulitis, infectious gastroenteritis and fever of unknown origin; arthritis and musculoskeletal diseases like rheumatoid arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis, osteoarthritis, acute low back pain, cervical and lumbar radiculopathies; gastrointestinal diseases like acute gastritis, GERD, peptic ulcer, H. Pylori infection, acute viral hepatitis; urinary tract diseases like urinary tract infections (UTI), renal/ureteric stones, benign prostatic enlargement, acute kidney injury and chronic kidney disease.

Dr. Porwal has successfully managed conditions like hypertension, ischemic heart disease, chronic heart failure, thyroid diseases, anaemia and vitamin deficiencies, headaches, migraine, vertigo and different types of allergies. She is proficient at preventative medicine and cancer screening, executive health check-ups, and emergency diagnosis of acute strokes, hepatic encephalopathy, uremic encephalopathy, pulmonary edema, acute myocardial infarction, and acute cholecystitis.


  • Cardiovascular Medicine
  • Metabolic Disorders
  • Respiratory disorders
  • Rheumatology
  • Gastroenterology
  • Neuro medicine

Languages Spoken

English, Hindi& Arabic (Intermediate)

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