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Dr. Raviraj

Internal Medicine

Dr. Raviraj is an Internal Medicine Specialist with more than 6 years of experience in the medical field, providing expert medical care to patients with multisystem diseases (communicable and non communicable diseases).He is experienced in critical care and ICU management and is also actively involved in the management of patients with Covid-19 by running post-covid care clinics since the onset of the pandemic.

Work experience

•2017-2022: Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences, Ernakulam
•2016-2017: Kerala State Health Services, Ernakulam

Education and Training

•2003-2010: Jubilee Mission Medical College and Research Institute, Trichur-MBBS
•2013-2016: Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences, Ernakulam-MD

Research papers/publications

•” Determination and Validation of lower cut off value of CSF ADA activity in Diagnosis of Tuberculous Meningitis” Journal of Clinical and Diagnostic Research April 2017, Vol 11
•”CSF Lactate an independent and reliable biomarker among the CSF parameters to differentiate Bacterial meningitis from Aseptic meningitis” International journal of Health Sciences and research Aug 2020, Vol10
•”Prognostic markers in acute Liver failure Alpha Feto Protein” Archives of Medicine and Health Sciences Jun 2021
•”Risk Factors for Mortality in Melioidosis: A Single Centre,10 Year Retrospective Cohort Study” Hindawi The Scientific World Journal Jul 2021

Speciality Areas/Interests

•Infectious Diseases
•Lifestyle Diseases Hypertension, Diabetes Mellitus , Dyslipidemia, Cardiovascular diseases
•Thyroid disorders

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