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Dr. Sufyan Mohamed Salih

General Medicine

Dr. Sufyan Mohamed Salih is a General Physician who is well versed in Emergency, Critical Care, Cardiology, Surgery, and various other fields of medicine. He is also an American Heart Association (AHA) certified provider of BLS and ACLS with over 7 years of experience.

Work experience

2012-2013- Clinical Internship at Zhongnan Hospital, Wuhan, China

2013-2015- General Physician at MHSS. Mumbai, India

2015-2017 – Emergency Medical Officer at KIMS , Cochin, Kerala 2017-2018- Locum Physician at Kinder Hospital, Cochin, Kerala

2018-2021- GP at Medicare Hospital, India

2021- to present- General Physician at Aster DM Healthcare-Dubai UAE

Education and Training

2007-2013: M.B.B.S, Wuhan University, China

2015-2021- BLS& ACLS by American Heart Association

2020 – ACE Program Certification by (MBRU) Mohamed Bin Rashid University of Medicine & Health Sciences

Specialty Areas/Interests

Trauma Care, Resuscitation, Cardiovascular, Poisoning and other life- threatening emergencies.

Languages Spoken

English, Hindi, Arabic, Malayalam, Urdu, Chinese ( Mandarin

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