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Dr. Wafaa abdallah is a Specialist Radiodiagnosis (MD,FRCR) is a dedicated and experienced Radiologist with over 10 years of experience. She has a strong background in diagnostic imaging and is committed to providing accurate and timely diagnoses to patients. She has  Performed and interpreted hundereds of diagnostic imaging procedures including X-rays, ultrasounds, MRIs, and CT scans and Collaborated with medical professionals to determine the best imaging techniques for patient care. Dr. Wafaa has Participated in multidisciplinary team meetings to discuss patient cases and treatment plans.In addition to Providing training and supervision to radiologic technologists and other staff members, Ensuring compliance with all regulatory and safety standards related to imaging procedures. She has also Contributed to quality improvement initiatives to enhance the delivery of imaging services,and Participated in research projects and  publications in the field of radiology.

Dr. Wafaa is well experienced in Conducting and reporting different ultrasound examinations including abdominal, Obstetrics and gynaecology studies, NT and fetal anomaly scans,Breast, Thyroid,Musculoskeletal,small parts and Doppler imaging.In addition to reporting all X-ray, CT and MRI examinations including Breast, Neurology, Body, Abdominal, MSK and Thoracic imaging.

Dr. Wafaa is a highly proficient and dedicated Radiologist, committed to excellence, with exceptional communication skills.She believes in delivering superior quality Medical care services of international standards, to establish sustained and trustable relationships with her clients and their families.


  • Senior Registrar Radiodiagnosis at Dr. Suliman AL Habib Medical Group,Saudi Arabia : May 2021-June 2023
  • Radiology Registrar and then Consultant at National Hepatology and Tropical Medicine Research Institute in Cairo Egypt : 2012-2021


  • Radiology consultant at life scan Imaging Diagnostic Centre –Cairo ( 2019)
  • Radiology registrar at Techno Scan Imaging Diagnostic Centre Center-Cairo (2012)
  • Radiology registrar at New Kasr El-Ainy Teaching Hospital -Cairo (2009).
  • Radiology registrar at King Abdullah General Hospital, Aseer Province – Saudi Arabia (2014 locum)
  • Radiodiagnosis resident National Hepatology and Tropical Medicine Research Institute – Cairo – Egypt with rotations at Kasr Al-Ainy Faculty of Medicine, Cairo University Hospitals, Egypt (2007-2011)
  • General practitioner Ministry of Health and Population–Egypt(2006
  • House officer Faculty of Medicine, Cairo University, In General Medicine, General Surgery, Gyn. & Obs., Paediatrics,radiology departments, and in oncology and speach therapy(2005 )


  • MBBS – Faculty of Medicine, Cairo University 2004 (With a graduation merit of Excellent with high honour degree)
  • Master of Science Degree of Radiodiagnosis, Faculty of Medicine, Cairo University 2011 (With a graduation merit of Very good)
  • Medical Doctorate Degree of Radiodiagnosis, Faculty of Medicine, Cairo University 2017 (With a graduation merit of Excellent in MSK imaging)
  • Fellowship of Royal College of Radiologists,England 2021
  • Applied Clinical Research Program(101), McMaster University,Canada


  • Medical Doctorate Research Topic : Role of Ultrasound Elastography in diagnosing an staging liver fibrosis
  • M.Sc. Research Topic: Role of MRI in rectal cancer staging
  • BLS Certification
  • Mammogram Reading Course at Mammologicum Plateform 2022
  • Breast MRI reporting course 2020-2021
  • Annual Conference of National Hepatology and Tropical Medicine Research Institute 2019 (Speaker )
  • MSK and Doppler Ultrasound imaging course at Continuous Medical Education Institute 2008.
  • Infection Control Education Program ICEP, Cairo University Hospitals 2006.


  • ESR- Egyptian Society of Radiology
  • ESR- European Society of Radiology
  • EGSBI- Egyptian Society of breast imaging
  • RCR- Royal College of Radiologists
  • BSGAR- British Society of Gastroabdominal Radiology


  • Role of Ultrasound in chronic liver disease: Is there something new? Med.J.CairoUniv.,Vol.85, No.1, March, 2017 www.medicaljournalofcairouniversity.net
  • Real Time Elastography in patients with Chronic Hepatitis C: Assessment of hepatic fibrosis using Liver Fibrosis Index. Med. J. CairoUniv.,Vol.83, December, 2015 www.medicaljournalofcairouniversity.net


  • Ultrasound imaging including Obstetric and Gynecology, vascular doppler, Musculoskeletal US & transvaginal and breast US.
  • CT imaging – including CT angiography and CT perfusion.
  • MRI imaging- areas of strength includes abdominal and MSK highly specialized studies including triphasic hepatic imaging, renal studies, pelvic floor imaging, fistulography and defecography, wrist, elbow and ankle MRI studies.
  • Conventional Radiology- X-rays, Barium investigations, Mammography
  • Breast tomosynthesis and Breast MRI


  • Arabic
  • English

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