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What is LiveWell by Aster?

Did you know that the secret to making The Better Choice is hidden in the genetic makeup?

LiveWell will help to create a better understanding of how genetics influences nutrient requirements and eating behaviours, impacts the way the body responds to exercise and various elements of training, the immune system, gut, and risk for infection and inflammation, and skin and hair health.

Get Started in a 3 simple steps

Sample Collection

DNA Analysis

Report Generation

Types of LiveWell


Optimise carbohydrate and fat intake
Obtain and maintain a healthy cholesterol profile
Understand and manage eating behaviours
Learn how the body responds to certain foods
Optimise vitamin and mineral intake
Improve the body's natural detoxification ability
Understand food sensitivities
Condition Tested
Energy Management
Cholesterol Profile
Weight Management
Heart Health
Eating Behaviour
Sugar Preference
Taste Buds
Water-Soluble Vitamin Requirements
Fat-Soluble Vitamin Requirements
Macro-Mineral Requirements
Trace-Mineral Requirements
Detoxification Ability
Antioxidant Defence System
Food Sensitivities


Uncover endurance and power training responses
Improve aerobic fitness levels
Manage injury risk
Improve recovery time
Identify risks for developing muscle cramps
Optimise recovery nutrition
Enhance strength
Increase muscle mass
Condition Tested
Response to Exercise
Recovery from Exercise
Aerobic Fitness
Lactate Levels
Injury Risk
Healthy Loss of Body Fat
Weight Regain
Diet Responses
Muscular Profile
Muscle Mass and Fat Gain
Muscle Fibres
Specific Injury Sites
Muscle Cramps
Recovery Nutrition


Understand how to boost the immune system
Uncover infection risk
Learn more about the different inflammatory markers
Discover which trace minerals are needed to enhance the immune system
Optimise micronutrient intake to support the immune system
Condition Tested
Immune Boosting Cell Levels
Infection Resistance
Heart Health
Predisposition to Diabetes
Inflammation Resistance
Histamine intolerance
Vitamins and Immunity
Micro-Minerals and Immunity
Possible Resistance to SARS viral Infections
ACE2 Enzyme Levels
Acute Phase Reactant Levels including and ESR
Inflammatory Markers including IL-6 and IL-10
Blood Oxygen Levels Hemoglobin Concentration
Micro-nutrients and Immunity
Trace Minerals and Immunity


Optimise skin health
Learn how to reduce the extent of sunlight ageing
Uncover skin sensitivities
Discover skin associated nutritional requirements
Learn about hair health
Understand the predisposition to cellulite and varicose vein development.
Condition Tested
Skin Health
Sunlight Ageing
Acne risk
Predisposition to Dry Skin
Hair Health
Predisposition to Cellulite and Varicose Vein Development
Skin Oxidation Response
Skin Sensitivity
Optimal Skin Nutrition
Alopecia Risk
Predisposition to Male Pattern Baldness


    We believe that knowledge is power, and with Genome Sequencing, we can empower you to take proactive measures against Cancer. Our state-of-the-art program uses cutting-edge technology to identify genetic variations that increase the risk of developing certain types of Cancer.

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