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Cardiology is concerned with the normal functioning of the heart and the diagnosis and treatment of all the disorders affecting the heart.

Cardiology is concerned with the normal functionality of the heart and the subsequent deviation from a healthy heart. Many cardiological disorders involve the heart itself, but some may manifest outside of the heart and in the vascular system.

Our highly-qualified team of Cardiologists and support specialists provide patients with the latest advances in care for disorders of the heart, arteries, veins and lymphatic vessels. We offer a wide range of cardiac care services and treatments and a full array of diagnostic tests that are quality driven, comprehensive, patient-centered cardiovascular care by a team of pioneering physicians utilizing leading-edge technology. We have strong presence across Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi & Ajman.

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Dr. Ahmad Assaf

M.D. Doctor in Medicine ,M.S.c. Master’s Degree in Cardiology from Aleppo University Hospital, good experience in Diagnosis and management of … Continue reading "Dr. Ahmad Assaf"

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Dr Uzair Ansari

Dr. Uzair Ansari is a German board-certified cardiologist (Facharzt – Internal Medicine and Cardiology). He graduated from India and continued … Continue reading "Dr Uzair Ansari"

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Dr. Heba Tag Eldin

Specialist cardiologist with dedicated career in cardiovascular and critical care medicine.Strong skills in Cardiology,Over 12 years of experience in Cardiology, … Continue reading "Dr. Heba Tag Eldin"

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Dr. R V L Gowthami

Dr. R V L Gowthami  is a dedicated and well experienced Cardiologist  with  more than 5 years of experience in … Continue reading "Dr. R V L Gowthami"

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Dr. Saakshi Sarin

Dr Saakshi Sarin is a proficient cardiologist with over 10 years of experience in treating patients with variety of conditions. … Continue reading "Dr. Saakshi Sarin"

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Dr. Syam Ramachandran

Dr. Syam has more than 13 yrs of experience in medical practice with more than 6 yrs of experience in … Continue reading "Dr. Syam Ramachandran"

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Dr. Naeem Hasanfatta

Dr. Naeem is a Cardiology Specialist who has completed MBBS & DNB degrees in Cardiology with extensive experience in managing … Continue reading "Dr. Naeem Hasanfatta"

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Dr. Issac V Mammen

Dr. Isaac has more than 25 years of experience in medical practice with 15 + years of experience in Cardiology … Continue reading "Dr. Issac V Mammen"

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Dr. Feras Orabi

Dr. Feras is a specialist cardiologist in Aster clinic Al Khail. Dr. Feras has completed his MBBS in university at … Continue reading "Dr. Feras Orabi"

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Dr. Mohit Kejariwal

Cardiologist with Doctorate degree in Cardiology, Master’s degree in Internal Medicine, over 8 years of medical experience and second degree … Continue reading "Dr. Mohit Kejariwal"

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Dr. Sreeram Gopalakrishnan

Dr Sreeram Gopalakrishnan is a Senior Cardiologist with Cardiological experience of more than 15 years. He has worked as Consultant … Continue reading "Dr. Sreeram Gopalakrishnan"

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Dr. Ashik Sasidharan

Dr. Ashik Sasidharan is working with us as a Specialist Cardiologist at Aster Clinic, Damascus St, Qusais and Aster Clinic, … Continue reading "Dr. Ashik Sasidharan"

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Dr. Prabhat Kumar

Dr. Prabhat Kumar is working as a Cardiology specialist with Aster Clinic, Al Muteena, Deira, Dubai. He completed his medical education … Continue reading "Dr. Prabhat Kumar"

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Dr. Janardhana Rao Babburi

Dr. Janardhana Rao Babburi MBBS, MD (Internal Medicine),DM (Cardiology) is working with us as a Specialist Cardiologist at Aster Clinic, … Continue reading "Dr. Janardhana Rao Babburi"

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Dr. T. M. Jaison

Dr. Thannikot Mathai Jaison has done his MBBS (1974), MD (1979), and DM (1983) from the prestigious Christian Medical College … Continue reading "Dr. T. M. Jaison"

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