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ENT or Otorhinolaryngology is concerned with the diagnosis and treatment of disorders of the Ears, Nose, and Throat

ENT is the acronym for Ears, Nose, and Throat. ENT specialists deal with health conditions that affect these three regions in
the human body. This field of medicine is called Otorhinolaryngology or Otolaryngology.
For patients experiencing pain, discomfort, or problems in their ears, nose and throat, Aster Clinics house the best ENT
specialists in Dubai
, Sharjah and Abu Dhabi who provide proactive and accurate diagnosis and effective treatments.

When To See An ENT Specialist In Dubai?

Otolaryngologists can help people who experience any or multiple of the following conditions plaguing the ears, nose and throat:

  • You have trouble swallowing every day.
  • You experience persistent hoarseness in the throat.
  • You experience growths in your mouth, throat, nose, ears, or neck.
  • If you feel persistent ringing in your ears.
  • If you lose balance frequently and feel dizzy.
  • If you experience changes in taste or sense of smell.
  • If you have a foreign body stuck in your throat or nose.
  • If you experience changes or damage to your voice, that doesn’t heal.
  • If you experience frequent nosebleeds.
  • If you have facial pain or headaches.
  • Feeling of pressure, blockage or pain in the ears.

Procedures And Treatments Offered Across Dubai, Sharjah, And Abu Dhabi

Aster Clinics believe in proactive and preventive care for patients aided with technology, knowledge, and expertise. You will receive the most comprehensive otolaryngology treatment across all our locations in Dubai, Sharjah and Abu Dhabi through the most experienced ENT specialists:

  • Chronic ear infections arise from problems like colds, flu, allergies, etc.
  • Dizziness and vertigo may arise because of problems in your ear which can be diagnosed at our well-equipped ENT
  • Our ENT doctor can help diagnose conditions like sinusitis.
  • If you see lumps in the neck area, you may have an infection in the lymph nodes, which an ENT doctor can treat.
  • Chronically sore throat is a symptom of tonsilitis. It is important to see an ENT doctor if you have difficulty
  • Sleep apnea, a condition where you experience irregular breathing while asleep, can also be managed with the help of
    an ENT specialist in Dubai.

At Aster Clinics, the ENT department can help make you feel better and heal quickly with a wide range of treatments, procedures and facilities:

  • ENT Endoscopies
  • Repositioning therapies for dizziness
  • Cobalation-assisted adenotonsillectomy
  • Functional endoscopic sinus surgery
  • Inferior turbinate reduction surgery
  • Myringotomy
  • Ossiculoplasty
  • Parotidectomy
  • Septoplasty
  • Tympanoplasty
  • Vocal chord surgery

In addition to providing the treatments above, our ENT specialists go above and beyond by providing the following services to
the patients:

  • Screening, diagnosis and treatment of hearing loss and dizziness
  • Mastoiditis management
  • Diagnosing and treating ear infections, inflammations
  • Managing perforated eardrums
  • Management of sinusitis, tonsilitis, rhinitis
  • Managing obstructive sleep apnea
  • Managing hoarseness of voice

Why Are Aster Clinics The Home For The Best ENT In Dubai?

At Aster Clinics, we are dedicated to bringing expertise and technology to provide patients with optimized, proactive
treatments to help them live their best lives. Problems of the ear, nose, and throat directly affect the ability of an individual to
experience life fully.

As a healthcare clinic that houses the best ENT specialists in Dubai, we aim to promptly help those with ENT issues get the
right treatment. We are conveniently located across major cities in UAE – Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah.

Our in-house ENT doctors are trained in using modern technology and methods like endoscopic procedures to provide
minimally invasive patient treatment.

We aim to provide holistic treatment that is augmented with expertise and advanced medicine to one and all.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the importance of ENT?
ENT specialists in Dubai are trained to identify symptoms and signs that indicate problems specific to the ears, nose, and
throat. They provide targeted treatments for the best patient outcomes.
How are the ears, nose, and throat connected?
An organ called the eustachian tube connects the ear, nose, and throat. This tube helps to equalize the pressure in the middle
ear. The right pressure enables better hearing.
Is an ENT infection serious?

A majority of ENT infections go away on their own. However, if an infection persists for longer than two weeks, it is
recommended that you visit Aster Clinics branches and consult an ENT doctor.

How many types of ENT disorders are there?

There are majorly five types of ENT disorders:

  • Infections
  • Injuries
  • Foreign objects
  • Lumps and growths
  • Functional disorders
What kind of ENT conditions need surgical treatment?
For ENT conditions with chronic infections that persist for over three months, worsen or impact the quality of life, and ENT
doctors may intervene with surgical treatments depending on the diagnosis.
How to prevent ENT infections?

Follow the tips below to control ENT infections:

  • Do not remove ear wax by yourself.
  • Do not use Q-tips in your ears.
  • Keep your vaccinations and immunizations updated.
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Dr Suha

MBBS, MS ENT Dr. Suha is an ENT Surgeon with over 8 years of experience from prestigious medical colleges and … Continue reading "Dr Suha"

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Dr. Midhuna Prathap

10 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE IN the field of ENT .Treating adult and paediatric cases Surgical expertise in Ear surgeries,sinus surgeries … Continue reading "Dr. Midhuna Prathap"

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Dr. Deepak Sadashiv Khalane

Dr. Deepak is an ENT Specialist with more than two decades of experience in India and 8 years of experience … Continue reading "Dr. Deepak Sadashiv Khalane"

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Dr. Mohan Mogarnad

Dr Mohan Mogarnad is working as ENT Specialist at Aster Medical Center Discovery Gardens. He did his MBBS and MS … Continue reading "Dr. Mohan Mogarnad"

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Dr. Rashmi Patil

Dedicated ENT surgeon with a good academic background, communication, interpersonal and problem solving skills. A self- directed professional to give … Continue reading "Dr. Rashmi Patil"

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Dr. Nazia Aziz Ahmed

Dr. Nazia Aziz Ahmed is working as a Specialist ENT at Aster Clinic, JLT. She has worked as a specialist ENT for more than 8 years. Dr. … Continue reading "Dr. Nazia Aziz Ahmed"

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Dr. Varun Bidi

A confident practicing ENT Physician and Surgeon with excellent surgical skills and experience in performing various outpatient ENT procedures. Strong … Continue reading "Dr. Varun Bidi"

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Dr. Manoj K Ravindran

Dr. Manoj K Ravindran is working as a Specialist ENT at Aster Clinic, Qusais 1 (Damascus St.).

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Dr. Mahendra Kumar

Dr. Mahendra Kumar is an ENT Specialist at Aster Clinic, Tourist Club Area, Abu Dhabi. Dr. Mahendra Kumar  has 14 … Continue reading "Dr. Mahendra Kumar"

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Dr. Vishnu Kumar

Dr. Vishnu Kumar is Specialist ENT, Head & Neck Surgeon with over 4 years of experience at renowned hospitals in … Continue reading "Dr. Vishnu Kumar"

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Dr. Molly John

Dr. Molly John is an ENT Specialist at Aster Clinic, Tourist Club Area, Abu Dhabi. Dr. Molly has over 30 … Continue reading "Dr. Molly John"

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Dr. Vishwanath Natesh

Dr. Vishwanath Natesh is working as a Specialist Otolaryngologist at Aster Clinic, Al Khail Mall and Al, Quoz. He has … Continue reading "Dr. Vishwanath Natesh"

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Dr. Shyam Anil Pai

Dr. Shyam Anil Pai MBBS, DORL, FCPS & MS (ENT) has joined our Group as a Specialist ENT Surgeon at … Continue reading "Dr. Shyam Anil Pai"

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Dr. Carmen Chiran

Dr. Carmen Chiran has completed her MD & Ph.D. (ENT) from University of Medicine & Pharmacy, Bucharest, Romania. She has … Continue reading "Dr. Carmen Chiran"

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Dr. Mukesh Kumar Ramani

Dr. Mukesh is working as a Specialist ENT Surgeon at Aster Clinic (Aster Jubilee Medical Complex), Burdubai. Dr. Mukesh Kumar … Continue reading "Dr. Mukesh Kumar Ramani"

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Dr. Hemjith Padmanibhan

Dr. Hemjith Padmanibhan is working as a Specialist ENT with Aster Clinic, Al Muteena. He did his MBBS from Calicut Medical … Continue reading "Dr. Hemjith Padmanibhan"

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Dr. Shailendra Udupi

Dr. Shailendra Udupi completed his MBBS from the Bellary Medical College, Gulbarga University, Gulbarga & his MS (ENT) from Kasturba … Continue reading "Dr. Shailendra Udupi"

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Dr. Viney Joseph

Dr. Viney Joseph has completed MBBS & DNB (ENT) from Medical College, Trivandrum, and D.L.O. from Christian Medical College, Vellore. … Continue reading "Dr. Viney Joseph"

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