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Top Notch Orthopedics Treatment in Dubai

Orthopaedic surgeons or doctors specialize in treating the problems and diseases
occurring in your musculoskeletal system. They focus on diagnosing the issues with and
restoring the form and function of your bones, ligaments, joints, tendons, and muscles.
They often collaborate with physiotherapists to help restore mobility to the damaged

Suppose you are experiencing joint pains, muscle aches, or other movement-related problems
that aren’t improving. In that case, you can visit the best orthopedic doctors in Dubai, Abu
Dhabi, and Sharjah at Aster Clinics .

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When To Consult With An Orthopedic?

Joint and muscle pains can hinder your daily life and make it uncomfortable for you to continue
your lifestyle. In case you experience any of the following symptoms in your body, you should
consult with orthopaedic specialists at Aster Clinics Dubai without delay:

    • If you experience stiffness, pain, or discomfort in your joints or muscles and performing
      daily chores is difficult.
    • If you have experienced continual pain that lasted longer than 4 weeks.
    • If you have noticed a decrease in the range of motion in the joint with pain.
    • If you feel unstable when you walk or stand.
    • If you experienced an injury to the soft tissue which hasn’t improved in 48 hours.

Aster Clinics has some of the best orthopedic doctors in Dubai who can give you an
accurate diagnosis and swift treatment.

Orthopedic Procedures And Treatments At Aster
Clinics In Dubai, Sharjah And Abu Dhabi

Aster Clinics house highly skilled orthopaedic surgeons in Dubai, Sharjah and Abu Dhabi to
help you treat your musculoskeletal problems and live the best, painless life.

Our range of treatments and procedures is comprehensive:

  • Joint replacement: if you are diagnosed with damaged or arthritic joints, our
    orthopaedic surgeons will replace them with metal, plastic or ceramic prosthetics.
  • Osteotomy: If your bones are deformed, they can be repaired by reshaping through
  • Arthroscopy: This is a procedure used for diagnosis where a camera is inserted
    through a tube into your joints for examination.
  • Fracture repair: Broken bones are repaired using casts, splints, or even complex
    surgeries by our trained doctors.
  • Soft tissue repair: Using physiotherapy, medications or surgeries, our orthopaedic
    doctors help you recover from painful conditions of ligaments, tendons and muscles.
  • Orthopaedic braces and frames: We specialise in treating your muscular pains with
    specialised devices that help stabilise, align, or support your musculoskeletal frame.
  • Steroid injections: If you have medical conditions like sciatica, arthritis or severe joint
    pain, our bone and joint specialists can help relieve the symptoms using anti-
    inflammatory injections.
  • Nerve blocks: This is the treatment in which an anaesthetic injection close to a painful
    nerve that helps block the pain.
  • Radiofrequency ablation: In this method, our doctors use heat to destroy damaged
    muscle tissue.
  • Joint aspiration: If fluid build-up exists around a joint, our musculoskeletal specialists
    use this procedure to drain it safely.

Why Is Aster Clinic The Right Choice For The Best Orthopaedic
Doctors In Dubai?

At Aster Clinics, we firmly believe that all patients should have equal access to high-quality and
advanced treatments through the best bone and joint health doctors they can trust. We have a
legacy of three decades in healthcare and cutting-edge treatments, establishing a name that
resonates with trust, reliability and compassion across the UAE.

You can rely on our specialists to provide evidence-based care compliant with international
treatment protocols. Our facility is a state-of-the-art establishment with a dedicated team of
orthopaedic surgeons and experts trained in diagnosis, treatment, recovery and aftercare.

You can call Aster Clinics for an accurate diagnosis if you are experiencing painful joints or sore

Frequently Asked Questions

What does orthopaedics treat?

It is a specialisation in healthcare that helps treat problems in the body’s bones,
muscles, joints, ligaments, and tendons.
Do musculoskeletal problems go away on their own?
It depends on the severity of the condition. If your joint or muscle pain persists for longer
than two days, it is advisable to consult the best orthopaedic doctor in Dubai.
What does an orthopaedic doctor do?
They evaluate the condition of your joints and muscles by examining the range of
motion, the intensity of pain, swelling, posture and other abnormalities to determine
whether there is a problem.
What are the common causes of orthopaedic problems?
Problems with bones, joints and muscles can occur because of the following

  • Wear and tear due to age
  • Repetitive movement of the same joint or muscles for long periods
Is bone fracture different from bone dislocation?
Yes, a fracture is a condition where a bone breaks into two or several pieces. On the
other hand, a dislocation occurs when the bone gets displaced from its normal position
in a joint.
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Dr Sarang Ramchandra Kanade is a highly skilled orthopaedic surgeon with extensive expertise in performing a wide range of orthopaedic … Continue reading "Dr. SARANG R KANADE"

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Dr. Rutvik Shah

Have Experience of more than five years in field of Trauma and Joint replacement, in corporate set up. Well versed … Continue reading "Dr. Rutvik Shah"

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Dr. Zoalfakar Sharif Zainy

An orthopedic surgeon with extensive experience in bone and joint diseases and surgery. Experience as a resident in orthopedic surgery … Continue reading "Dr. Zoalfakar Sharif Zainy"

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Dr. Vignesh Karthik Rosu Manohara

A dedicated patient friendly Orthopaedic surgeon with 13 years of orthopedic experience providing fellowship trained expert care for arthritis, sports … Continue reading "Dr. Vignesh Karthik Rosu Manohara"

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Dr. Anush Rao Pochineni

Dr. Anush rao Pochineni is a specialist orthopedics at Aster clinic, Umm Al Quwain. Dr. Anush rao Pochineni completed his … Continue reading "Dr. Anush Rao Pochineni"

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Dr. Vinay Premnath Yadav

Dr. Vinay Premnath Yadav is a dedicated and passionate Orthopaedics Specialist with  9 years of experience in his field . … Continue reading "Dr. Vinay Premnath Yadav"

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Dr. Roshan Bhaisare

Dr. Roshan Bhaisare is a Specialist in Orthopaedics at Aster Speciality Clinic, Ajman with more than 14 years of experience … Continue reading "Dr. Roshan Bhaisare"

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Dr. Pawan Dhawan

Dr. Pawan Dhawan is a fellowship-trained Orthopedic surgeon with over 8+ years of experience in various prominent multi-speciality hospitals in … Continue reading "Dr. Pawan Dhawan"

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Dr. Sushan Singh Bhasin

Dr. Sushan Singh Bhasin is an Orthopaedic Surgeon with special interest in complex trauma, Athroscopy and Joint Replacement Surgeries.

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Dr. Rahul S. Shivadey

A renowned Orthopedic and Sports Medicine specialist with over 20+ years of experience in the field and 12 years of … Continue reading "Dr. Rahul S. Shivadey"

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Dr. Subramani Rajadurai

Dr. Subramani Rajadurai is an expert in in Orthopaedic Surgery with 12 years of experience in the field. With a … Continue reading "Dr. Subramani Rajadurai"

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Dr. Akhter Hussain Ansari

Dr. Ansari has over 30years of experience in the field of Orthopedic Surgery. He completed his MBBS in 1986 and … Continue reading "Dr. Akhter Hussain Ansari"

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Dr.Manoj Kumar.P.N

Dr Manoj Kumar is working as a Specialist Orthopaedic Surgeon at Aster Clinic, Al Butina, Sharjah. His qualifications include MBBS, … Continue reading "Dr.Manoj Kumar.P.N"

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Dr Rishit Jayeshbhai Soni

Dr Rishit Jayeshbhai Soni is working as a Specialist Orthopaedic Surgeon. He has more than 5 years of experience in … Continue reading "Dr Rishit Jayeshbhai Soni"

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Dr Ravindra Narayan Mahajan

Dr. Ravindra Mahajan is an Orthopedic surgeon with 22 years of experience. He is specialized in Joint replacement and advanced Trauma … Continue reading "Dr Ravindra Narayan Mahajan"

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Dr. Anup Kumar Shetty

Dr. Anup Kumar Shetty is working as a Specialist Orthopaedician at Aster Clinic, Silicon Oasis. He is a qualified and … Continue reading "Dr. Anup Kumar Shetty"

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Dr Jerry Jimmy Chiramel

Dr. Jerry Jimmy Chiramel is working as a Specialist Orthopedic Surgeon at Aster Clinic, Sharjah (King Faisal Sharjah). He has graduated … Continue reading "Dr Jerry Jimmy Chiramel"

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Dr. Koshish Shah

Dr. Koshish Shah is working as a Specialist Orthopaedic Surgeon at Aster Speciality Clinic, International City. He has completed his … Continue reading "Dr. Koshish Shah"

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Dr. Sakram Naik Amgoth

Dr. Sakram Naik is an Orthopaedic Surgeon working at Aster Clinic, Al Khail and Al Quoz. He has previously worked … Continue reading "Dr. Sakram Naik Amgoth"

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Dr. Ankush Bansal

Dr.Ankush Bansal is currently working with Aster Clinic, Tecom and JLT as an Orthopaedic Specialist. He is originally from Punjab … Continue reading "Dr. Ankush Bansal"

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Dr. Nagesh Suryanarayanasetty Hebbur

Dr. Nagesh Suryanarayana Setty obtained his M.B.B.S  degree from Gulbarga University, Karnataka, India in the year 2000, his M.S.Orthopedics  from … Continue reading "Dr. Nagesh Suryanarayanasetty Hebbur"

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Dr. Vivek Kumar Mishra

Dr. Vivek Kumar Mishra is a Specialist Orthopedic surgeon with more than 15 years of experience in orthopedics has been … Continue reading "Dr. Vivek Kumar Mishra"

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Dr. Awak Varun Mittal

Dr. Awak V. Mittal is working as a Specialist Orthopedic Surgeon with Aster Clinic, Al Barsha, Dubai. He completed his … Continue reading "Dr. Awak Varun Mittal"

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Dr. Mithun Shivgouda Patil

Dr. Mithun Shivgouda Patil is working as an Orthopedics Specialist  at Aster Jubilee Medical Complex, Bur Dubai. He has completed his graduation … Continue reading "Dr. Mithun Shivgouda Patil"

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Dr. Rabie Mohammed Mokhtar

Dr. Rabie Mohammed Mokhtar is an Orthopedic Surgeon who specializes in the Management of Accident and Sports injuries and worksite … Continue reading "Dr. Rabie Mohammed Mokhtar"

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Dr. Abraham Paul

Dr. Abraham Paul has completed MBBS (1977) and MS (1981) from prestigious Christian medical college, Ludhiana, India and thereafter joined … Continue reading "Dr. Abraham Paul"

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Dr. Binu Abraham

Dr. Binu Abraham has done his MBBS from Mangalore University in the year 1994, MS from Rajiv Gandhi University in … Continue reading "Dr. Binu Abraham"

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Dr.Jerry Ignatius

Dr. Jerry Ignatius, MBBS, D’Ortho, MS (Orthopaedics) has joined our Group as Specialist Orthopaedic Surgeon at Aster Jubilee Medical Complex, … Continue reading "Dr.Jerry Ignatius"

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Dr.Udaya Ballal

He has completed his MBBS in the year 1980 from University of Mysore and MS Orthopedics in the year 1986 … Continue reading "Dr.Udaya Ballal"

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Dr. Harshvardhan

Dr. Harshvardhan completed his MBBS in 2001 and MS (Orthopaedics) in 2006 from Kasturba Medical College, Manipal University, India. He … Continue reading "Dr. Harshvardhan"

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Dr. Yusuf Machhiwala Tauseef Mohamed

Dr. Tauseef has passed Master of Surgery in orthopedics from Mumbai University and has a work experience of seven years. He … Continue reading "Dr. Yusuf Machhiwala Tauseef Mohamed"

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