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Mental health put simply, is all about how you think, feel, act, establish social relationships and make healthy choices. Very often, mental health and mental illness are used interchangeably, which is wrong.

A person with a poor mental health need not be mentally ill and a person with mental illness can experience extended periods of wellness. Mental health can get affected by various reasons like persistent stress, loss of a loved one, physical illness, poor lifestyle, technology addiction, and so on.

Many a time, symptoms of poor mental health overlap with those of mental illnesses, leading to misconceptions, stigma, and worse, delay in treatment. What all of us need to understand is that mental health issues, just like physical health issues, can affect anyone, anytime. And all one needs to restore good mental health is expert care, backed by compassion, lots of patience, and unconditional love.

Symptoms Of
Mental Illnesses

Extreme moodiness
Very low or very high energy levels
Excessive money spending
Uncontrolled anger
Loss of consciousness, sense of time and place
Chronic memory problems

These are some common symptoms of mental illness

Factors that affect
mental health

Rapid social change
Stressful work conditions
Social media addiction
Gender discrimination
Social exclusion
Unhealthy lifestyle
Physical ill-health
Trauma (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder)
History of abuse
Post-partum depression
Use of alcohol or drugs

These are some of the major factors that can contribute to mental illness.


Clinical psychology is the study and treatment of mental illnesses and behavioural disorders. It is the application of science, theory, and clinical knowledge to the understanding, prevention, and treatment of psychological distress or dysfunction, as well as the promotion of subjective well-being and personal development.


The medical field of psychiatry is focused on the identification, prevention, research, and treatment of mental illnesses.

Our medical professionals at the Aster Clinic's Psychiatry Department are skilled at providing you with any psychiatric assistance you might require. We are committed to supporting you in any way we can and to assisting you in overcoming the obstacles you face.


Clinical Psychology

Ms. Arfa Banu Khan

Ms. Arfa Banu Khan is working as a Clinical Psychologist at Aster Clinic, Bur Dubai (AJMC)

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Dr. Asgar Alam

Jumeirah Lake Towers, Dubai

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Deira – Al Muteena, Dubai

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Dr. Arun Kumar. K

Bur Dubai, Dubai

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Dr. Mohammed Yousef

Dr. Mohammed Yousef has been a Specialist Psychiatrist working with us since 1997.

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